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An error occurred while processing your request: Quick Fix

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Have you ever encountered ‘An error occurred while processing your request’? This standard error message can be solved easily with a few clicks. This error message is commonly displayed on websites when a request made by the user cannot be fulfilled for various reasons.

In this article, we’ll discuss the common causes of this error and provide quick fixes to resolve this issue.

An error occurred while processing your request: Common causes

Here are some common causes for this error:

Incorrect user input

This error can occur if you have entered incorrect or incomplete information in a web form. Make sure that you enter the correct information.

Server issues

Server issues such as server overload, maintenance, or software issues can cause the ‘An error occurred while processing your request’ message to be displayed on your screen.

Network problems

Network problems such as poor connectivity or issues with your internet service provider can also trigger the error message.

Corrput browser cache

Sometimes, corrupt browser cache and cookies can cause this error message. You will need to clear the cache and cookies to resolve this error.

Expired SSL certificate

An expired SSL certificate is also one of the most likely causes of the error. Install a new SSL certificate to fix the problem.

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An error occurred while processing your request: Possible fixes

Now that we have understood the causes of ‘An error occurred while processing your request’, now let us dive into the fixes. Most of these fixes are easy to perform and don’t require much technical knowledge.

Refresh the webpage

Sometimes, the most easy and simple solutions can work wonders. If you are seeing this error, press F5 or click on the refresh button on your browser.

If this didn’t work, move on to the next steps.

Check your internet connection

What is WiFi 6 (802.11ax): Everything you need to know

Make sure that there is no network issue at your end. For that, there are certain things that you must first take care of:

  • First, make sure that there isn’t any internet outage in your area. You can ask your Internet Service Provider for the information or you can visit their website.
  • If there is no outage, then it is time to check the hardware to make sure that they are not damaged. Check all the hardware associated with the internet connection. That includes your router, modem, power cable, and the main power source, among others. Ensure that all the hardware is undamaged and working properly. If you notice any damage, change it asap.
  • If the hardware is fine, then it is time to check the connections. Make sure that the cables are secured firmly in the proper ports.
  • Sometimes, there is too much distance between the WiFi and the receiving device. Make sure that the distance is less. Or, you can directly connect the internet to your computer as it provides a more stable speed compared to WiFi.
  • Also, remove any other electronic appliances that might interfere with the WiFi signals. While you are at it, place the WiFi on a raised platform so that the devices catch signals seamlessly.
  • If there are many devices connected to your network, remove them before playing games on the internet as the devices share the limited bandwidth of the plan. You can also think of upgrading your existing internet plan.

Clear cache and cookies

A cache is a storage tool that temporarily stores data. Storing data in a cache makes it readily available for the client to access and saves time. For this purpose, web browsers use the cache functionality for faster and more seamless browsing. However, it also causes some problems. So, you should clear the browser’s cache once in a while.

Here are the steps to clear the cache on Google Chrome:

Step 1: Open Chrome and then click on the three-dot button > More tools > Clear browsing data.

Step 2: Check on Browsing historyCookies and other site data and Cached images and files. Also, select the time range to All time. You can also select a particular time range, but we advise you to clear all your data. Next, click on Clear Data to finalise the process.

You can visit this article to find out another, more direct method to clear the cache on Chrome.

Change your browser

Try using the website on another browser. There are several browsers that respect your privacy and are a good alternative to Google Chrome. We have done a detailed comparison between Chrome and Brave and DuckDuckGo.

Get a new SSL certificate

If your previous SSL certificate has expired, you should get a new SSL certificate.

Best practices to avoid ‘An error occurred while processing your request’ message

If you don’t wish to see this error message again in the future, then here are tips for you:

  • Use updated browser
  • Clear cache and cookies regularly.
  • Check website links before clicking.
  • Use a reliable internet connection.

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