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Apple recovers from second outage in two consecutive days

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After a number of its services went down on Monday, including iCloud Mail, iCloud Keychain, the App Store, Apple Music, Apple TV Plus, Podcasts, iMessage and some parts of Apple Maps, several of these services experienced yet another outage on Tuesday. 

Apple recovers from second outage in two consecutive days
The Apple System Status page at the time of writing.

According to DownDetector, user reports indicated that the outage started at around 5 PM EDT. By 5:30 PM, however, reports peaked at around 1260 and fell sharply soon after. Apple’s website reported that the App Store, Music, Weather, Books, fitness, podcasts and other services were facing disruptions which were cleared in about two hours.

The outage seems to have allegedly stemmed from DNS problems. They can occur when a server fails to connect to an IP address and are often caused by human error.

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A rocky recovery

According to Apple’s system status page, on Monday, issues with Apple Music, Books, Podcasts and the App Store were resolved some two hours after users started noticing something was off. Additionally, Apple also stated that there were issues with Weather, Game Center, Apple Card and iCloud web apps, warning that they might be slow or unavailable. These issues, however, are also marked as resolved now. 

Mark Gurman also reported that Apple’s corporate and retail systems were also down. Furthermore, users on the r/sysadming subreddit reported not being able to access the Apple Business Manager portal. These problems may even be affecting another app that relies on these services. 

Apple recovers from second outage in two consecutive days
The Apple Developer System Status page at the time of writing.

The Apple Developer system status page also listed several resolved outages with the App Store, CloudKit Console and Database, the Developer ID Notary Service, MapKit JS Dashboard, Xcode Cloud, Apple Music API, Apple Developer Forums, Certificates, Identifiers and profiles.

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