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Apple iPhone might soon feature Gemini and ChatGPT integrations

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Apple is reportedly discussing incorporating Google’s Gemini AI and OpenAI’s ChatGPT engine into its flagship iPhone. This indicates a strategic shift toward leveraging external AI capabilities to enhance its upcoming iPhone and iOS 18 features.

According to a Bloomberg report citing sources familiar with the ongoing negotiations, aside from Google, Apple has also engaged in talks with Microsoft-backed OpenAI, considering the use of its renowned GPT models.

While Apple has been developing its AI models, including generative AI for tasks like essay creation and essay writing based on single prompts, the company is now seeking a partnership to bolster its capabilities.

The terms and branding of a potential AI agreement between Apple and Google or OpenAI have yet to be finalised. Bloomberg notes that any formal announcement regarding this partnership is unlikely before June, coinciding with Apple’s annual Worldwide Developers Conference.

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Apple’s AI rollout has been slow compared to its rivals. Photo: John Gress Media Inc /

Google and Apple have already partnered before allowing Google to become the default search engine in Safari browsers.

Apple’s CEO Tim Cook has hinted at the company’s plans to unveil more about its generative AI initiatives later this year, emphasizing significant investments in this domain. Despite Apple’s slower generation of generative AI than rivals like Microsoft and Google, this potential partnership signals a strategic shift towards embracing external AI technologies to enhance user experiences on its devices.

Google’s Gemini isn’t faring well and has been marred by controversies regarding its image generation feature. Citing these irregularities, Google has stopped Gemini from answering election queries.

However, these setbacks have not stopped Samsung from deploying Gemini in its S24 series. If Google succeeds in this deal with Apple, Gemini could become a game-changer in AI, potentially knocking ChatGPT off its perch.

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