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Top 7 apps like Wizz

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Wizz is a smartphone app that facilitates connections between individuals who share common interests. This chat app enables users to exchange animated gifs, images, and videos, both one-on-one and in group settings. Through Wizz, users of similar age groups can be matched and brought together. The platform also offers a profile creation feature, where users can showcase their interests through tags, photos, and a short bio.

If you are looking for alternatives to the Wizz app then in this article, we have discussed the top seven apps like Wizz.

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Wink is a social networking platform that operates similarly to Wizz, where users can make new connections and engage in communication. Its distinguishing feature is the swiping mechanism, similar to that of dating apps, where users can swipe left or right to indicate their interest in a potential friend.

Users can personalize their profiles on Wink by adding up to six photos, highlighting their unique interests, creating a voice introduction, and crafting a bio that captures their personality. Additionally, the platform offers an incentive system where users can earn “gems” that can be used to request friendships with new people or buy profile backgrounds.


Yubo is a social networking application that facilitates genuine interactions and live-streaming to connect individuals with new friends globally or within their local community based on shared interests. The platform offers a live-streaming feature that can accommodate up to ten streamers and an unlimited number of viewers.

Users can only participate in a stream session if they have created it or have been invited by another streamer. Additionally, Yubo has partnered with Snapchat, allowing users to invite their Snapchat friends to join the platform and earn rewards.


Spotafriend is a social networking application that enables teenagers to connect with new people in their vicinity by swiping right. With a user base of over two million teenagers, the app guarantees that you will find someone to chat with and socialize with.

The premium version of the app provides access to numerous advanced features, including unlimited boomerang, the ability to change previous swipes, two additional super swipes per day, unlocked swipe history, priority listings in your area, and the ultimate badge on your profile.


LMK is a social networking application that offers multiple avenues for users to form new connections. By downloading the LMK app, users can join a community of individuals with shared interests and engage in conversations, chats, and social activities.

Similar to other Wizz alternatives mentioned in this article, LMK allows users to swipe right on individuals they wish to connect with. Users can personalize their profiles by adding their interests, writing a bio, and sharing posts to the community feed to showcase their personalities.


Swipr is a social networking application that enables users to connect with new people and forge lifelong friendships using Snapchat. To get started, simply link your Snapchat account, send a like, and begin meeting new friends from all over the globe.

The platform offers a variety of opportunities to make connections, build genuine relationships, and develop positive and valuable friendships. The chatroom feature allows for instant messaging with Swipr friends, facilitating real-time conversations and interactions. With Swipr, users can take advantage of the platform’s extensive network to promote themselves to thousands of people seeking new friendships and engaging conversations.


Limatch is a secure social networking application designed to help users expand their social circle, make new connections, and potentially develop romantic relationships. The platform fosters a welcoming community where individuals can share their honest opinions, feelings, and thoughts while receiving support from like-minded individuals.

Users are provided with a list of recommended friends based on their preferences. If a user comes across someone they are interested in, they can send a friend request. Conversely, if a user receives a friend request, they can review the profile and decide if they would like to accept the request and potentially form a new friendship. Limatch is a platform where users can meet cool and compassionate individuals who share their beliefs and values.


Ablo is a social networking application designed to facilitate first-time conversations with individuals who share similar interests. By using this app, users can connect with potential romantic interests or new friends and build new relationships through chatting.

One of the standout features of Ablo is the live stream shows, which provide access to millions of Livestream shows on a regular basis. Users can join as guests and even broadcast themselves, showcasing their talents or sharing something noteworthy with others.

Additionally, users can create a fan base by uploading videos. As their videos gain likes and followers, they can even attain certain goals and receive rewards from the app. Ablo also allows users to add descriptions to their profiles and follow other influencers on the platform.

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