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Top 7 Klover alternatives

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There are hundreds if not thousands of financial service apps available across both Google and Apple’s respective app stores. This makes picking the right one for you a big decision. One of the most popular apps in this class is Klover which can pay out as much as $100 as a cash advance. 

However, there are other apps that either have relaxed borrowing rules or can give you a bigger advance. In this article, we’re going over the top seven Klover alternatives you can use.


Developer: Albert Corp. 

Abert is one of the best Klover alternatives that you can find. It can pay up to a $250 advance with no late fees, credit checks or hidden fees that can make borrowing a hassle. As long as you have a paycheck and repaid your past advances, you can request up to three cash advances per pay period for a total of $750. The app also gives a $150 cash bonus to new members. 

You can download Albert for Android here and iOS here

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Developer: Brigit, Inc

Another Klover can give an advance of up to $250. Similar to Albert, there are no credit checks and no interest, so getting finances on track isn’t hard. However, Brigit might not work with digital bank accounts like Chime, Net Spend, Varo, or Current. 

You can download Brigit for Android here and iOS here

Chime SpotMe

Developer: Chime Financial, Inc

Chime is a pay-later app that allows you to pay for things with no overdraft fees of up to $200. There are no monthly fees and no minimum opening balance and you can get paid up to two days early with direct deposit. It supports a ton of third-party vendor apps so you won’t be in a shortage of places to use Chime. 

You can download Chime for Android here and iOS here

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Developer: Finco Services, Inc

Current is a total banking solution that also offers fee-free overdraft of up to $200, similar to Chime SpotMe. It also doesn’t run a credit check when you open an account so your credit history and FICO scores remain unimpacted. In addition to all of this, you also get investment features that let your money grow slowly and a complete bank account. 

You can download Current for Android here and iOS here


Developer: Branch International 

Branch is a digital wallet app that can pay out a payroll advance of up to $500. Loans taken from the app can be repaid in 61-180 days with a maximum APR of 360%. It claims to be the simplest and one of the most secure ways of improving your financial health. That said, it’s only available for Android users. 

You can download Branch for Android here

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Developer: B9, Inc

B9 is one of the few pay advance apps that let users borrow 100% of they paycheck. That said, additional features are limited and you’ll need to receive regular deposits into a B9 checking account for the privilege. Additionally, membership fees are also high, but you do get zero-fee same-day turnaround. 

You can download B9 for Android here and iOS here


Developer: MoneyLion

While you don’t need a MoneyLion checking account to take a loan from MoneyLion, you do need to pay rather heavy membership fees. Loan amounts range from $25 to $500 but thankfully the app offers flexible due dates of up to five days with no late fees. Additionally, you also have access to financial tools like credit builder loans as well. 

You can download MoneyLion for Android here and iOS here

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