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Does Google index NFT domains?

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Non Fungible Token (NFT) domains are similar to the usual .com or .org domains that have been around since the start of the world wide web as we know it; however, similar to other things around the crypto-sphere, there are a lot of questions surrounding NFT domains as well.

If you aren’t already aware, NFT domains include the likes of .crypto, .nft, .x, .wallet, .bitcoin, .dao, .coin and .zil, among scores of others. You can find these at stores like Unstoppable Domains.

Why do people buy NFT domains?

The appeal of NFT domains is that, unlike traditional domain registrations, these don’t need to be renewed every year or five. On the contrary, if you buy it, you’ll have it forever unless you decide to transfer or sell it to someone else. These domains are held in the owner’s crypto wallet.

However, with the rising popularity of NFT domains and millions getting registered already, people have been wondering whether Google indexes NFT domains or not. If you’re in the same boat, allow me to give you a fair idea of where it’s going.

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Are NFT domains indexed by Google?

No, they aren’t yet. But they might get indexed in the future.

Not getting indexed by Google will not only hamper organic traffic to the website but will also prevent you from signing into Google products such as Workspace using an email ID of that domain.

According to the Internet Assigned Numbers Authority (IANA), none of the NFT domains you can buy on the internet is currently considered a valid TLD.

You can check IANA's list of valid TLDs here

While currently, the list doesn’t include any NFT or blockchain-related domains that might change in the future.

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