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What is Arris device? Everything you need to know

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With more and more devices getting on the internet, it’s not strange to see a few unknown or weird devices show up on your router’s connected devices list. However, this is also a gateway for threat actors to get malicious devices on your network without causing any suspicion. 

In this article, we’re talking about an Arris device, what it is, what it does and why is it on your network in addition to any other thing you need to know. 

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Arris devices explained

An ‘Arris’ or ‘Arris Group’ device on your network is most likely a set-top box or similar device made by Arris, an American company that designs and manufactures telecom and networking equipment including modems, routers, and TV set-top boxes.

Arris is a rather old and trusted company whose products are often used by mainstream cable operators and ISPs around the world. They also sell devices for consumer use. So if you’re seeing an Arris device show up on your network, chances are it’s just your router, set-top box or any other device provided by your service provider connected to the internet and nothing malicious. 

How to ensure the Arris device is safe?

The device may be legitimate, but there are chances of it being spoofed or being someone else’s as well. Besides, if you don’t have any of the aforementioned devices in your house, having them show up on your network can be scary. 

Here are three ways you can ensure that the Arris device on your network is safe. 

Check the MAC address

Pretty much all devices that connect to a network will have a sticker on them telling their MAC address. This is a permanent hardware identifier that can be used to tell devices apart on networks. Cross-reference the MAC address you see in front of the Arris device on your network with any routers or set-top boxes in your house and if none of those matches, block the device from your network. 

Change your WiFi password

Although it’s a bit of a hassle to update the WiFi password on all of your devices that already might be connected to your router, changing your WiFi password can be one of the most effective ways of kicking unwanted devices off your network without explicitly having to identify each device individually. 

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Also keep in mind that since your network has been penetrated once, there’s a good chance that your network security isn’t up to the mark. Using WPA2 or even WPA3 security if available is a good idea to ensure your network remains safe. 

Contact your ISP

If you’re not able to do either of the above, your best bet is to reach out to your ISP and have them resolve the issue for you either remotely or by sending a support rep to your house. 

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