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Artifact news app by Instagram co-founders launches to public

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The AI-powered personalised news app built by Instagram co-founders Kevin Systrom and Mike Krieger is now available to everyone on Android and iOS app stores. The app was unveiled last month and had a waitlist, which has now been removed.

Before public release, the app would also require those invited to add their phone number but that feature has been removed in the public launch as you can now have a personalised feed of their news without signing in; however, anonymous usage will also mean missing out on the social elements of the app as well as cross-device sync.

The app starts personalising the reading recommendations once you’ve read 10 articles and will visualise your reading history, showing the topics, categories and publishers you like. The app will also show you the most popular articles in your network — that is if you sign in to the app and connect your contacts.

Artifact also allows you to give feedback directly for the article or publisher and toggle a setting if you wish to see less from a certain publisher.

You can also add your paid subscriptions from publishers in the app, as well as request your favourite publishers to be added to the app.

In addition to your profile tab and a homepage tab that shows the feed of the topics, categories and publishers you typically read as well as the popular articles in your network, the app also has a global headlines tab with breaking news.

“With the new version of our app, we’re also introducing new tools to help you personalize your experience, visualize your reading history, and see what’s popular in your network. Our hope is to provide control over what you see in Feed and a new lens into what you and your network are finding most interesting,” Artifact said, announcing the public release on Wednesday.

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CT Editorial Team

CT Editorial Team