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Where is Avatar 2 streaming?

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With Oscar 2023 wrapping up, Avatar 2 won the Oscar for Best Achievement in Visual Effects and was nominated for three others including Best Motion Picture. If an Oscar win wasn’t enough, Avatar 2 came through with stunning visual effects after the release of the first part that left the audience stunned.

Not only had the audience been waiting 13 years for the second part, but now they are also willing to wait for the upcoming three sequels as well after the second movie made the same blockbuster impact making over $2 billion globally at the box office.

If you have not watched the second part yet, you can stream it on the platforms that we will be covering in this article.

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Exploring Pandora on your device

While it might be physically impossible to head to Pandora and have a hilarious banter with Jake Sully’s children, you can still watch them swim and build a new life in the movie. However, you may have to wait a little longer. While the first movie stayed in theatres for over 34 weeks, with the advent of OTT and VOD platforms as well as the onset of the pandemic in 2020, viewers choose streaming movies or shows on their devices over theatres often.

However, even though Avatar: The Way of Water was set to hit streaming platforms worldwide by February, they are officially doing so on March 28. Now, even though the movie is being distributed by 20th Century Studios which is owned by Disney, subscribers of Disney+ will not be able to view the movie on March 28 as it is only releasing on certain streaming platforms such as:

Amazon Prime Video

If you have a Prime Video subscription, you can either rent or buy the movie for $19.99 from March 28. The movie was available for pre-order before March 28. So, anyone who has already pre-ordered can watch the movie without any hassles on the day of its release on the Amazon Prime Video platform. The movie is available in small definition (SD), high definition (HD) as well as in 4K Ultra HD for the same price. If you have rented the movie, you will have 30 days to start watching the movie and once you start, you will be given only one 48-hour period to finish the movie before it expires from your library.


If you have an Apple ID or use iTunes, you can buy Avatar: The Way of Water for $19.99 from March 28. The movie is available in 4K UHD with Dolby Atmos audio. The movie was available for pre-order before March 28. If you had pre-ordered, iTunes will send a notification informing you about the status of the movie. You can either rent or buy the movie on iTunes.


While you can usually watch free content on Vudu, it is well-known as a platform to rent or buy movies. You can buy Avatar 2 here to watch in SD, HD, or UHD for $19.99 from March 28 onwards. Since Vudu is not available to stream in all regions globally, you can use a VPN to access the site. If you had pre-ordered the movie, a notification will be sent to you by Vudu to let you know when the movie is ready for you to watch. However, if you have not pre-ordered, you can either buy or rent the movie. Be aware, if you are renting a movie on Vudu, then the movie will be available to watch for 30 days, but it only has 24 hours watch period after you start watching. It will expire from your library in 24 hours.

AMC Theatres

The AMC Theatre on Demand is a video-on-demand platform where you can buy the latest theatre-released movies as well as other hit movies. You can buy Avatar: The Way of Water at AMC Theatre’s on-demand service for $19.99 in either HD or SD only. The movie will be available from March 28 onwards. If you had pre-ordered, a notification will be sent to you by AMC Theatres to let you know when the movie is ready for you to watch.

Microsoft Store

Microsoft Store is also letting their customers buy the movie which will be available from March 28 onwards. You can also rent the movie. You can watch it on devices that support Movies Anywhere. It allows you to sync your movie purchases with digital retailers like Microsoft. You can watch any movie bought through other Movie Anywhere retailers on Microsoft as well.

In conclusion, the date for the movie’s release might be tentative on some platforms and may not even hit other streaming platforms due to copyright and distribution issues.

When does Avatar 2 come out on Disney Plus?

Currently, Disney+ has no plans of releasing Avatar 2 on their platform even though they own 20th Century Fox Studios. They are probably prolonging the release to build anticipation for a digital release. It could also be a traditional take where new movies would take almost a year to come on TV. However, since various digital platforms and apps have cropped up, it is not advisable or profitable for film and entertainment studios to hold off on digital releases for longer than a few months.

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