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How to become an Amazon affiliate?

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Like several other websites, the e-commerce giant Amazon also offers an affiliate marketing program, which allows bloggers, website owners as well as social media influencers to earn referral fees from clicks resulting in purchase on a referral link generated via their Amazon Associates account.

If you are an influencer, blogger, or website owner, earning some money from Amazon Associates becomes easier. This is because you already have some followers or visitors who can potentially use the link to see the product. Now while you aren’t paid, if someone clicks on the link — as it works with major advertising platforms such as Google Adsense — but if they go ahead and buy the product, you will receive a percentage of the total amount as commission for the sale. This percentage varies from product categories as well as particular products in some cases.

In this article, we will guide you through how you can become an Amazon Affiliate by creating an account and sharing the referral link, as well as a few requirements that must meet before you can create an Amazon Affiliate account.

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Requirements to become an Amazon Associate

You must meet the following requirements that you must ensure before becoming an Amazon Associate.

  • You must ensure that your site should not contain any pornographic content.
  • You must not use or remove the Amazon or Amazon affiliates logos or Amazon mark anywhere without the permission of Amazon.
  • You cannot sell, redistribute or resell or transfer of any content or rights to any other entity or person.
  • You cannot offer anyone any incentives (rebate, money, discount, charity or donation) to click on your affiliate links.
  • You can’t modify the link provided by Amazon in any other way than the site’s online customisation tools allow.
  • You cannot frame the Amazon site in your site.
  • You must not take any action that creates any kind of confusion to the customer such as misleading them about any of your referral links.

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How to create Amazon associates account?

Open Amazon Affiliate’s websites and follow the steps below to become an Amazon Associate.

Step 1: Click on the Sign up (in the yellow box) button in the middle of the first image on the site.

How to become an Amazon affiliate?

Step 2: Amazon’s login page will appear; fill in your Amazon ID and password and click on the Login button.

How to become an Amazon affiliate?

If you don’t already have an account on Amazon or don’t want to use your regular account to sign up for the affiliate marketing account, you can also create a new account by clicking on the Create your Amazon account button at the bottom of the page.

Step 3: On the next screen, the first step is to check your account information, including the address, and select the primary contact for this account. If you are the payee, select the first option; if not, choose the other one. Then click on the Next button at the bottom right corner of the screen.

How to become an Amazon affiliate?

Step 4: Next page will ask the information about your website. If you own a website or you are a blogger, then type the URL of your blog or website and then click on the Next button at the bottom-right corner of the screen.

How to become an Amazon affiliate?

Step 5: On the next page, fill in the profile details; it will ask you to fill in the store ID you want to show and the websites you have added on the previous page. Then choose what describes your website or app from the list and tick mark the types of Amazon items that you intend to link on your website or app and the type of your website.

How to become an Amazon affiliate?

Continued: It is the continuation of the previous step. It will ask about the traffic and monetisation of your website, fill in all the information and the captcha and tick mark the Checkbox in the contact terms heading, then click on the Finish button at the bottom-right corner of the screen.

How to become an Amazon affiliate?

Step 6: Your account will be created. On the next page, your unique ID is shown. If you want to set payment details right away, click on the Now button under Enter your payment and Tax Information or click on the Later button.

How to become an Amazon affiliate?

Your Amazon Associates account will now be created and ready for use. Make sure to fill in all the required tax information, which may vary depending on your country. See our guide below to learn where to find a product’s referral link that earns you money.

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How to search and copy a product link with your referral code?

While referral codes are mostly automatically added to the URL of products when you’re surfing Amazon logged in with your Amazon Associate account, you can also get the referral code of any product through the SiteStripe at the top of the product page.

How to become an Amazon affiliate?

As shown above, you can get the referral link of the product in Text, Image, or both of them combined by clicking on the respective links in the SiteStripe bar. You can also customise any of the aforementioned referral links by clicking on the Get Link button in the Text Link to this page box.

Alternative Method: via Associate dashboard

You can also look for URLs of products with your referral code through the Amazon Associates dashboard, as explained below.

Step 1: Hover over the Product Linking option (second from the left in the menu bar on the top of the screen). Then click on Product Links from the dropdown list.

How to become an Amazon affiliate?

Step 2: Search for the product you want to generate a referral link to via the search box under Search for Any Product and click on the Go button to the right of the search box.

How to become an Amazon affiliate?

Step 3: Scroll down, and you’ll see a list of products matching the phrase you entered in the search box. Click on the Get Link option beside the product, which will take you to the customise screen where you can customise the link. Alternatively, you can click on the arrow beside the Get Link option. It will directly show you the link — including shortened URL option — copy and paste it on your site.

How to become an Amazon affiliate?

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