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Top 7 Brain Teaser game apps for Android

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Games are a great way to disengage from the usual grind, relax a bit and also pass your time if you’re getting bored. One of the best genre of games to keep yourself entertained and engaged are brain teasers, which are now available on smartphones, courtesy of the technological advancements over the past decade.

These brain-challenging games are available on the Play Store that will train your brain and get rid of boredom — killing two birds with one stone. These games will make you think out of the box, keep challenging you and keep your mind sharp.

If you’ve been looking to unwind yourself while playing a game on your mobile, here are the top seven brain teaser games for Android.


Developer: Brainbow Limited | Size: 330 MB  | Price: Free. Offers in-app purchases

Peak offers more than 45 games that will help sharpen your memory and improve your problem-solving capabilities. You can compete with your friends and also see your performance. The app also offers personalised brain training. It is a fun yet challenging app. that will challenge your mental agility, memory, emotion control, creativity, coordination, and much more. 

Download the Peak app here

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Developer: Elevate Labs | Size: Varies with device  | Price: Free. Offers in-app purchases

Develop your critical thinking skills through Elevate, which will also help you improve your comprehension, memory, speaking ability, focus, and more. You have the option to choose from over 35 games, which also show a detailed report of your performance. You can also compare your scores with others and see how well you are doing. 

Download the Elevate app here

Mind Games

Developer: Mindware Consulting, Inc | Size: 23 MB  | Price: Free. Offers in-app purchases

Test your cognitive power and improve it using the Mind Games app. You can put your mental ability to the test by playing various games whose score can be converted to a comparison scale that will tell you where you can improve. The games in the app also help you improve your concentration levels. 

Download the Mind Games app here

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Developer: Lumos Labs, Inc. | Size: 88 MB  | Price: Free. Offers in-app purchases

Lumosity offers more than 50 activities that will challenge your problem-solving skill, memory, language, speed, math, and more. You get access to new innovative games based on your choice and practice test. You can relax your mind by playing these fun games that do not consume much of your time. The app is suitable for kids as well as adults. 

Download the Lumosity app here

Left vs Right

Developer: MochiBits | Size: 54 MB  | Price: Free. Offers in-app purchases

You can use the app to test your intelligence, awareness, patience, reasoning ability and reflexes. The app has over 47 games classified into six categories that will try and train your brain. The games may seem easy, but we assure you they aren’t. The free version of the, however, will only allow you to play games from three of the six categories. 

Download the Left vs Right app here

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Developer: CogniFit Inc | Size: 91 MB  | Price: Free. Offers in-app purchases

CogniFit will help you improve your concentration, attention, and memory. It also provides personalised training to help stimulate your cognitive ability. There are more than 20 mental games that are fun yet challenging. There are some specific exercises for adults and children. You can compare your cognitive abilities with others online and improve yourself.

Download the CogniFit app here


Developer: NeuroNation | Size: 80 MB  | Price: Free. Offers in-app purchases

The 27 exercises will improve your memory, reduce stress, improve concentration and speed, among other things. Your strengths and potentials are taken into account when creating personalised training for you. Just take out 15 minutes from your schedule and invest it into developing your brain using NeuroNation.

Download the NeuroNation app here

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