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Top 7 sites to help you create a resume for free

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Top 7 free resume builders available online | Candid.Technology

Getting the job that you are interested in and would give anything for can be a daunting task, but if you got your things in order, it might as well be yours. One of the most important parts of cracking a job selection process is making a good first impression and the first things that recruiters learn about your come from the resume or CV.

If you’re worried that your resume doesn’t look any good, this is where your worries end. In this article, we’ve discussed seven best free resume creators that are available online and will help you prepare a fantastic CV to make a great first impression and hopefully land your dream job.

Cultivated Culture

Top 7 free resume builders available online | Candid.TechnologyMost of the resume creation sites out there help you to create great resumes, but these companies take premiums when you export your resume or try to make a custom template according to your need. Cultivated Culture is not one of those platforms. It offers its resume creation services without any charge.

It provides a variety of beautiful templates to choose from, add sections according to your need and offers a lot of colour options which will make your resume pop both in a digital and hard copy format. Cultivated Culture also lets you export your resume directly to Google Drive and in a text and PDF format.

Click here to visit Cultivated Culture

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My Perfect Resume

Top 7 free resume builders available online | Candid.TechnologyMy Perfect Resume helps create impressive and unique resumes with the vide variety of templates it offers. With an excellent user interface that helps users put across the required information in a an organised manner, My Perfect Resume makes resume creation seamless.

In addition to this, it offers optional sections like certifications, accomplishments, and affiliations, that can be added by the user. Apart from all this, it also offers a feature to create cover letters.

Click here to visit My Perfect Resume


Top 7 free resume builders available online | Candid.TechnologyIf you are looking for a platform to create a resume and showcase your skill to potential recruiters, Indeed is the platform for you. Indeed lets you create and download your resume and shares it with companies at the same time. So making a resume at Indeed will help you in finding a job as well. It offers a user-friendly method of creating a resume making the process less cumbersome.

Click here to visit Indeed

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Top 7 free resume builders available online | Candid.TechnologySometimes a resume is not enough to get you to your dream job; in some cases, a cover letter is essential to help you get hired.  provides free services to create both resumes and cover letters. It also offers a feature to directly export your resume to LinkedIn.

Click here to visit


Top 7 free resume builders available online | Candid.TechnologyIf you are one of those people who are looking for suggestions on your resume Novoresume is the one for you. It offers a lot of recommendation-based on the information you have entered. It also makes mentions if you have missed certain vital parts in your resume. Novoresume proofreads your resume and flags any grammatical errors you make.

It is a great resume creator but puts some restrictions on their free plan like not allowing users to enter specific details without paying a subscription. That being said, Novoresume offers a lot of free services which will help you make a crisp resume.

If you plan on going for the paid version, it offers features like creating custom resume temples, websites to showcase your skills and even cover letters to help you get a job.

Click here to visit Novoresume

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Top 7 free resume builders available online | Candid.TechnologyHloom is another free resume and cover letter creator out there. One of the most challenging things to come up for a resume is unique summaries. If you can’t by yourself, Hloom offers pre-written summary statements that will make your resume look good.

Click here to visit Hloom


Top 7 free resume builders available online | Candid.TechnologyCanva is a top-rated tool that is used for graphic designing. If you are looking for a distinctive resume template, you will find it on Canva. It has a lot of templates to choose from, but it is a resume creator without training wheels. Users have to enter their information on their own into the templates. Though, if you’ve got a creative edge, Canva might just be the right fit for you.

Click here to visit Canva

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