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Top 11 Gadgets to boost productivity

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Decluttering and organising your workspace, as well as being comfortable, can help reduce stress and maintain focus while at the same time cutting back the distractions and boosting productivity.

This article will give you some must-have tech gadgets that can help improve your workspace and boost productivity alongwith creativity.

Portronics Chicklet Keyboard

Brand: Portronics | Price: $15.65

This mini, light, portable and foldable keyboard is easy to carry around and makes your workspace look more organised. These keyboards can be used anywhere with their pocket-friendly and ergonomic design with a battery that lasts 140 hours.

It can be easily paired with any gadget via Bluetooth and is compatible with iOS, Android, Mac, and Windows devices.

Buy the Portonics Chicklet keyboard here

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Gotek Rollable Keyboard

Brand: Gotek | Price: $83.95

Gotek Gotype wireless rollable keyboard with bluetooth speaker has a light and compact structure, with a built-in speaker that offers great sound quality and a built-in stand that can support a smartphone or a tablet. It has two magnets on both sides of the keyboard that lock it after rolling it up around the base.

Suitable for holding meetings, presentations, movies and music, its convenience and durability make it perfect for travelling and keeping your workspace organised.

Buy the Gotek Gotype Rollable Keyboard here

Amazon Echo Dot

Brand: Amazon | Price: $45.68

A smart speaker brings an efficient and hands-free user experience making our day-to-day lives more organised and productive. Alexa-powered Echo Dot is a voice-controlled smart speaker that streams music from various apps, keeps alarms and to-do lists and provides information, news, and a smart home when connected with other compatible smart devices.

You can wake it up by simply saying, ‘Alexa’ and get started with the smart home experience.

Buy the Echo Dot here

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Neo Smartpen N2

Brand: Neo Smartpen | Price: $149

Neo smartpens, both N2 and M1, are sleek, chic and ergonomically designed pens that make a digital copy of your work that gets automatically saved. You can also send it to multiple people and sync it on numerous devices. Be it a doodle, jotting down ideas, or a brainstorming session, these pens have a pressure sensor to precisely save your work.

It has a replaceable ink cartridge with enough memory, letting you transfer and sync your handwritten files at any time suitable for you.

Buy the Neo Smartpen N2 here

WiFi Extender

Brand: TP-Link | Price: $15.67

TP-Link N300 is a WiFi wireless router with 300 Mbps speed that can be used when you have trouble connecting to WiFi in certain areas of your home or at your office, or if multiple people are using it at the same time. It can be easily controlled by an app, and its three antennas expand the range of the wireless signal and boost internet connectivity in multiple devices, making work efficient and thus easier to manage.

Buy the TP-link N300 here

SanDisk Wireless Stick

Brand: SanDisk | Price: $22.20

As the name suggests, it can wirelessly upload, save, share files and copy photos and videos from your device and share them with other devices. On top of being a flash drive, it can also stream music or videos to up to three devices at a time, in close vicinity and automatically backup to the drive when connected.

Just charge it up, and you can put aside your smartphone and have better focus. Its price varies according to storage capacity.

Buy the 16GB SanDisk Wireless Stick here

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Charby Pico Wall Charger

Brand: Charby | Price: $8.49

Charby Pico is the smallest GaN 3-port 65W wall charger that can fit anywhere and is portable. It has the latest Gallium Nitride semiconductor giving it good thermal conductivity and low resistance.

Compatible with several devices, it can charge three devices with a USB-C1, USB-C2 and a USB A port.

Buy the Charby Pico Wall Charger here

Belkin Multimedia Hub

Brand: Belkin | Price: $88.84

Belkin USB-C Multimedia Hub is a multi-port adapter that accordingly offers different ports for multiple devices. For example, if your computer has a USB-C port, it can also provide an HDMI and 2 USB-A ports, ethernet, and an SD card reader if you want to download files from your digital camera.

Buy the Belkin USB-C Multimedia Hub here

Light Phone 2

Brand: Light Phone | Price: $299

If you feel like throwing your smartphone away or if you find yourself unable to focus on the task at hand, you can consider investing in a Light Phone II. It is like a phone sans distractions.

It features calculator, reminder, notes, calendar, weather, directions, dictionary, and Find My Phone option. You can also listen to podcasts and upload music. You can receive messages, but it shows no emojis or images — the perfect phone for social media detox.

Get the Light Phone 2 here

Google Nest Hub

Brand: Google | Price: $91.45

It gives weather reports, stores, displays photos, plays music, shows, and videos with simple and minimal features. You can also control lights and other smart devices at your home. The display sets it apart from smart speakers and it can be controlled by a tap or voice. It has a sensor that adjusts brightness based on its surroundings.

Buy the Google Nest Hub (Gen 2) here

Luxafor Flag

Brand: Luxafor | Price: $37.84

This company offers a range of products that help eliminate distraction by using LED-lit products. Luxafor flag can be attached to your desktop or any area visible to all. When switched on, the red neon light lets your coworkers know that you’re busy and do not want to be disturbed.

You can change the colour to green when you are done with your work. This boosts productivity by allowing you to focus on the task at hand free from interruptions. Powered by USB charging, it can charge as you work and only consumes up to 0.5W.

Get the Luxafor Flag here

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