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Top 7 gadgets under INR 500

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With tech getting more and more expensive each year, it isn’t easy to come by something that gets done effectively without breaking the bank. However, that’s not always the case, and eCommerce websites are crammed with cheap tech products that claim to be just as good as their costly counterparts.

In this article, we’re going over the top seven cheapest tech gadgets we found on Amazon, under 500 rupees. 

Check out our videos in English (above) and Hindi (below) on the same topic.

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Nakor NTC 001 Charging Adaptor

Brand: Nakor | Price: INR 299

Top 7 gadgets under INR 500

Charging your devices when on the move can be a pain to deal with if you have multiple devices that use multiple charging ports. Yes, USB-C is excellent when it comes to clearing out cable clutter, but not every device uses USB-C, and that issue gets even bigger when you’re talking about budget devices.

The solution to that problem could be this charging brick. For just INR 299, you get a charging brick with three individual USB ports that you can plug any cable in and a fourth micro USB cable sticking out the back.

Now each port is rated at 5v 3.1amps which gives you a power output of around 15w, the same as most standard power bricks, including Apple’s. However, the fact that you can charge as many as four devices simultaneously means you’ll be saving time nonetheless. Yes, you’re not going to get blazing fast charging speeds, but we believe it’s a rather good investment for the price

You can get the Nakor NTC 001 Charging Adaptor here

Narang Retractable charging cable

Brand: Narang | Price: INR 299

Top 7 gadgets under INR 500

Speaking of charging and cables, take a look around and count just how many cables you have lying around? Most people would have at least two, if not more. Now the aspect of shrinking all these cables into one that can charge three devices simultaneously sounds intriguing, right?

This small retractable charging cable not only folds up into a small package but also can charge three devices simultaneously, one micro-USB, one USB-C and one lightning device. It heats a little bit if you’re pushing too much power through it, there’s no data transfer capability, and the retracting mechanism is flimsy, but if you have these in your backpack, it could come in very handy. 

You can get the Narang Multi Retractable Charging Cable here

Retractable mobile gamepad

Brand: Gadgets Alliance | Price: INR 299

Top 7 gadgets under INR 500

Mobile gamepads have become a thing thanks to the rapid rise in popularity of mobile games, and with this one, you can take your mobile gaming experience to the next level.

It’s not the best quality, and we were somewhat nervous sticking our Pixel 4a unprotected in there (you have to take the case off your phone, or it won’t fit). Still, the result is a rather ergonomic way for you to hold your phone when gaming, and you get two triggers with the gamepad that you can use either with or without the contraption. 

You can get the Retractable mobile gamepad here

Mini Vacuum

Brand: Kadeau | Price: INR 389

Top 7 gadgets under INR 500

Messy desks are a severe headache that many of us have to live with, especially if you’re clumsy. This small white cylinder might be the solution to your problem here.

It’s a battery-operated mini vacuum cleaner that’s rather effective at picking up dust and debris. It has its limitations, though – it isn’t exactly going to wipe off the dust from your desk or gadgets but will suck up any breadcrumb sized (or smaller) particles instead. The suction power is weak, and we wouldn’t suggest using it on anything expensive, thanks to these super hard bristles here at the bottom. 

It has its purpose, but you could do the same thing with tissue paper or a piece of cloth as well. Props to the seller for including a small nozzle with it though, it lets the vacuum get into places your fingers can’t, and that can come in handy.

You can get the Mini Vacuum here

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Cable organiser

 Brand: Bengvo | Price: INR 399

Top 7 gadgets under INR 500

Regardless of how few cables or adaptors or flash drives you to carry, they can still make a mess if casually thrown around in your backpack, not to mention the excavation you have to go through to get them out and the time it takes to dig for tiny things in a backpack.

Now, this isn’t exactly a tech accessory, but it’s a great place to keep all the ones you have in one place. This isn’t exactly what was described on Amazon, but I like this one more from what they’ve listed. It’s a simple bag with smooth zippers and plenty of space inside with adjustable dividers, meaning you can cram in a lot of tech here and have it ready to go on demand.

You can get the Cable organiser here

Ant eSports GM200W Gaming mouse

Brand: Ant eSports | Price: INR 499

Top 7 gadgets under INR 500

Next up, we have a gaming mouse, the GM200W from Ant eSports; that’s honestly a pretty good buy for the price you’re paying. You get RGB, side buttons and on the fly DPI adjustments thanks to dedicated buttons on the mouse itself.

The mouse is coated in this soft rubbery matt finish which is honestly better to the touch than even a Logitech G402 – a mouse that costs more than six times than this one. Now there is no software to customise RGB or button assignments here, but this is a great deal for what you’re paying. The braided cable adds another layer of protection to the cable, which a lot of you will need when using this mouse. 

The mouse goes as high as 3200 DPI and is reasonably accurate and lightweight. This is also the World of Warships edition of this mouse, meaning the RGB lights in a World of Warships logo, and you get a coupon worth INR 1000 to get in-game items. 

You can get the Ant eSports Gaming Mouse here

Infinity Zip 20 earphones

Brand: Infinity | Price: INR 429

Top 7 gadgets under INR 500

The last item on the list is this pair of earphones from Infinity, a brand owned by Harman. The earphones themselves are somewhat flimsy and cheap to the touch and quite fragile.

The sound is a mixed bag too. You can either get volume or quality out of these. To get quality, you’re going to have to make some equaliser adjustments to get these to sound the way you want, and if you wish to volume, just disable the equaliser. However, once you’ve figured them out, they can sound quite good. Also, depending on your phone’s DAC, your perceived sound quality can vary. 

As is the case with any pair of earphones, getting the right fit is essential, even more so in these, as it can drastically affect audio quality, especially the bass. So be sure to get the tightest fit possible using the adjustable tips that come in the box, which, we need to point out, are hard to interchange. The fit, however, is quite good. Since the earphones are light, you barely even feel them in your ears. 

The mic quality is okay for the price. You get a button on the mic controller to skip tracks and summon your phone’s assistant. The L-shaped jack is a really good touch, though. The shape will keep the jack from being torn into pieces leaving your earphones useless far before anything else every time you keep them in your pocket. 

You can get the Infinity Zip 20 earphones here

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