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Top 7 drag click mouse

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If you play any PvP game competitively, you know the importance of clicking as fast as you possibly can. Well, many gamers rely on a technique called drag clicking to register an insane amount of clicks per second, often giving them the competitive edge.

Drag clicking is when instead of just clicking the mouse as many times as you possibly can, you just drag your finger left to right on the button causing vibrations which are then picked up by the switch under the button. It’s a technique that if done right, will get your clicking speed really high.

However, you can’t just drag click with any mouse you want. The switches inside your mouse will take a heavy toll when you’re drag clicking, therefore a mouse with durable switches and a matt, the grippy finish is important. 

In this article, we’re talking about the top seven drag clicking mice you can buy right now.

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Logitech G502 Hero

Brand: Logitech | Price: $38.99

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Logitech’s mice have always been famous, whether gaming or productivity. The G502 is no different from its Hero 25K sensor, which goes as high as 25,600 DPI, 11 programmable buttons, and adjustable weights. The mouse buttons have a rubberised matte finish, so your fingers aren’t going anywhere when mashing it under drag clicking. 

You can get the Logitech G502 Hero here

Razer Deathadder V2

Brand: Razer | Price: $42.50

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The mouse features a 20,000 DPI sensor with eight programmable buttons and a rather ergonomic shape. While bigger hands might sit more comfortably on this one, just about anyone will be able to adapt to the mouse with a bit of use. You can also give the Elite and Pro versions of the mouse a shot if this one doesn’t cut it for you. 

You can get the Razer Deathadder V2 here

Cooler Master MM710

Brand: Cooler Master | Price: $35.69

Top 7 drag click mouse

Cooler Master’s MM710 features a honeycomb shell design that not only makes the mouse extremely cool to look at but also rather lightweight. The sensor goes as high as 16,000 DPI, and there are two extra programmable buttons on the side. It lacks in the extra button department it makes up for with its extremely lightweight and durable switches that’ll take drag clicking like everyday tasks. 

You can get the Cooler Master MM710 here

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Roccat Kone Pure Ultra

Brand: Roccat | Price: $57.87

Top 7 drag click mouse

Roccat’s offering comes in a rather subtle black case with a 16,000 DPI sensor. Once again, while there are only two programmable buttons on the side, you can bash the switches all you want with the matt black texture on the buttons, which ensure your fingers don’t slip away and the rock-solid switches that’ll take the drag clicking bashing with ease. 

You can get the Roccat Kone Pure Ultra here

Steelseries Prime Wireless

Brand: Steelseries | Price: $89.99

Top 7 drag click mouse

This is the only wireless mouse on the list and the most expensive one. The reason being — magnetic switches. You also get an 18,000 DPI sensor and five programmable buttons. The mouse is rather small and easy to hold, not to mention being wireless means you’ll easily be able to fling it around with no problems.

You can get the Steelseries Prime Wireless here

Glorious Model D

Brand: Glorious | Price: $54.99

Top 7 drag click mouse

Another honeycomb-shaped design is a lightweight mouse with good grips on the left and right-click buttons and solid switches underneath. And if that isn’t enough for you, Glorious sells grip tape specifically made for this mouse to help you hold on tight during your Minecraft button mashing.

You can get the Glorious Model D here

Redragon M711 Cobra

Brand: Redragon | Price: $19.99

Top 7 drag click mouse

Last but not least, we’ve got the budget-oriented Redragon M711 Cobra. Now the mouse is relatively simple to look at, and the cheaper price tag means the switches won’t last as long as some of the other mice on this list, but for what you pay, you get incredible durability and click reliability for as long as you’d push the mouse. 

You can get the Redragon M711 Cobra here

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