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Top 11 gaming keypads that every gamer must consider buying

evenGaming equipment has been selling like hot cakes for a while now. This keeps giving companies more and more incentive to jump in and create products that we didn’t even know we need.

One such peripheral is the keypad or ‘gaming keypad’ as companies like to market it. It’s essentially a trimmed down keyboard having the keys most commonly used in gaming.

If you’re playing on the go or just want a separate keyboard for your gaming needs, something like this can come in handy. Most of us don’t carry a full mechanical keyboard in our backpacks. So in this article, we bring you the 11 best gaming keypads you can buy.

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FairOnly Gaming Keypad

Price: $16.19

Yeah, I know the name doesn’t inspire much confidence, but if you’re on the bottom of the budget spectrum, this little keypad makes a lot of sense.

You get 39 keys with four additional macro keys. It is RGB, but it doesn’t show through the switches and isn’t configurable. The switches aren’t mechanical either. They’re ‘Crater Architecture’ as per the manufacturer, which is another fancy word for membrane switches.

Surprisingly enough, though, the keypad is quite ergonomic and works as you’d expect. It isn’t exactly top of the line, but then it isn’t the most expensive either.

You can get FairOnly Gaming Keypad here

RedDragon K585 DITI

Price: $36.87

RedDragon is, without doubt, one of the best budget gaming peripheral brand. They’ve been churning out some pretty good equipment, and this keypad is no exception.

You get 42 mechanical switches, practically half your keyboard, along with a wrist rest and seven programmable macro keys.

Of course, there’s RGB. The switches are OUTEMU Blue, another Chinese clone of the Cherry MX Blue switches but they work just as fine as long as tactile feedback is considered. Oh and that satisfying click sound is there as well.

There’s also a USB passthrough port so that you don’t give up any USB ports on your machine, and it’s USB Type-C. This keypad is the best bang for your buck.

You can get RedDragon K585 DITI here

Aula Excalibur Master

Price: $65.99

You’re going to turn a lot of heads with this one.

If the lack of buttons is your concern over gaming keypads, you’ll feel right at home with this one. You get half a keyboard, eight macro keys and all 12 multimedia keys. All blue mechanical switches (manufacturer didn’t say which) and arranged in a beautiful pattern.

There’s a detachable wrist rest, and it’s surprisingly small for the number of buttons it has. You get 5 RGB modes as well.

You can get Aula Excalibur Master here

Sades One-hand gaming keypad

Price: $23.99

If you’re looking for something compact, this might be the keypad for you.

You get 35 keys ripped straight from a low-end membrane gaming keyboard with a static RGB light in the back. And that’s it. All the customization you can do is switch between the RGB colour presets — about seven.

However, all that simply translates to geat performance and reliability. The keypad is built like a tank and will last you years. It’s also quite compact so you won’t have to worry about fitting it in your backpack. The best part, it won’t break the bank either.

You can get Sades One-hand gaming keypad here

Delux One-hand gaming keypad

Price: $15.99

Yeah, it’s probably not as ‘deluxe’ as it sounds. But for the price tag, what you get isn’t as bad.

You get Kailh White Box Switches, 33 of those, a large rubber palm-rest, four macro keys to the side and pretty unique design. It’s also about 40% the size of a standard keyboard, so that’s pretty compact.

The switches are claimed to have a lifespan of up to 80 million clicks. You get 5 RGB modes you can scroll through and software for some setting up.

Oh and this one uses a Type-C cable, so that’s a big thumbs up.

You can get Delux One-hand gaming keypad here

Razer OrbWeaver Chroma Elite

Price: $74.99

This is a serious offering by Razer from its line of gaming keypads.

You get 20 fully programmable mechanical switches and an 8-way thumbpad. You see, unlike the keypads we were talking about above, this one isn’t a half keyboard. This is a proper keypad you can use beyond gaming as well.

You get the all-new Razer mechanical switches which only require 50gms of actuation force. The d-pad unlocks the potential of the keypad though. And then there’s all the Chroma goodness that Razer products feature. You also get Razer Synapse support.

All that goodness comes at a price though, so you’re really going to have to commit to this one.

You can get Razer OrbWeaver Chroma Elite here

Razer Tartarus V2

Price: $49.99

Another unique offering by Razer, the Tartarus combines the best of both worlds and brings you an experience you haven’t felt before.

The switches are a unique part of the package here. These are mecha-membrane switches by Razer which combine the soft touch of membrane rubber domes with the tactile feedback of a mechanical switch. This results in a mid-height activation for super fast key presses.

Apart from the 8-way D-pad and a scroll wheel, we get 20 fully programmable switches loaded with all the Razer Chroma and Synapse goodness. The wrist rest is super comfy and ergonomic.

However, as with all Razer products, all the comfort is going to cause some discomfort to your wallet.

You can get Razer Tartarus V2 here

Single Hand Gaming keyboard

Price: $15.99

I kid you not this is the actual name of this product on Amazon.

If you’re looking for something to blend in with a subtle setup and not shout gamer, this is an obvious choice. It is RGB, but it barely peeps through the tightly laid out keys. You get 28 keys, from the left half of you keyboard and that’s about it. That’s all there is an offer.

The manufacturer says that the keys give a ‘mechanical feel’, but I doubt that. However, if you want something subtle looking and on the cheap, this might be worth a shot.

You can get Single Hand Gaming keyboard here 

TESHIUCK Gaming Keypad

Price: $18.99

Another simple ‘mini-keyboard’. This one, however, does come with a solid metal+ABS construction.

Just like most other similar keypads on this list, it’s got 35 keys from the left half of a conventional keyboard. Small design, braided USB cable, 7 RGB modes to choose from, cheap price tag and that’s about it.

It does come with a non-detachable wrist rest though and is a bit different in terms of design.

You can get TESHIUCK Gaming Keypad here

Delux Gamer Gamepad

Price: $29.99

Please don’t ask me about the names. I don’t know why they name them this bad.

Anyways, this second offering by Delux is not that bad. It’s got a unique design and quite a lot of keys for its size. You get a bifurcated space bar, volume keys, multimedia keys and even ESC, Home and sleep buttons.

The design is quite nice and stands out from the crowd on Amazon. It has quite a low profile, and the wrist rest is comfy all without the price going too high.

You can get Delux Gamer Gamepad here

Capris HXSJ-J100

Price: $48.52

The Capris HXSJ-J100 takes a different take on simple mini keyboards that we’ve seen so far on the list.

What you see is what you get — a simple half mechanical keyboard with 35 RGB keys. It’s quite a boxy design and a weird overall look. But it has quite a subtle look and will blend in easily along with a subdued setup.

You can get Capris HXSJ-J100 here

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