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Top 6 graphics design apps for Mac

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Mac’s top graphic design apps cater to various needs, from vector drawing to digital painting and photo editing. Each of these apps has unique strengths, making them suitable for different aspects of graphic design, from professional to hobbyist use. Their compatibility with the latest Mac versions makes them ideal choices for Mac users.

Here are the seven best graphics design apps for Mac.

Adobe Illustrator

It doesn’t need much introduction — Adobe Illustrator, a leading graphic design software, offers extensive features and integrates with the Creative Cloud suite. It’s particularly known for its capabilities in vector drawing and design​​.

Access Adobe Illustrator here


This app combines vector drawing and desktop publishing tools. Although slightly behind Adobe Illustrator in user base, CorelDraw remains a powerful choice with precision tools for online graphics, vector effects, and a large selection of professional templates. The latest versions are optimized for M1 and M2 Macs​​.

Access CorelDraw here

Affinity Designer 2

This app gains rapid popularity and provides Adobe-quality features and an intuitive interface without the steep learning curve. It is known for its high-speed performance, 1,000,000x zoom for precision drawing, and compatibility with Photoshop files. Affinity Designer 2 is also available for iPad, enhancing its versatility​​.

Access Affinity Designer here


As Mac’s best free graphic design software, Inkscape is based on Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG). It includes object creation and manipulation features, text support, and more. However, it is RGB only and requires additional setup with XQuartz to run on Mac​​.

Access Inkscape here

Painter 2023

Another one from the house of Corel, targeted at professional illustrators and artists, Painter 2023, offers digital art brushes with extensive customization options. It is somewhat complex, provides many tutorials, and is optimized for Apple Silicon M1 and M2 Macs​​.

Access Painter 2023 here

Autodesk Graphic

Originally iDraw on iPad, Autodesk Graphic is an affordable, powerful vector drawing tool. It supports various file formats and features like a Bezier Pen tool and layer styles. It’s similar to Affinity Designer but offers a unique value for its price​​.

Access Autodesk Graphic here

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CT Editorial Team

CT Editorial Team