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Top 3 apps for international money transfers

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One requires viable fluidity in monetary methods across borders in order to have a successful business. The usual secure traditional methods often take a long time to process. If you are in a fix and are unable to transfer money quickly, then having a solution for international money transfers will definitely be a boon. This is why the emergence of international money transfer apps has played an important role.

In this article, we will be focussing on the top three apps for international money transfers to help you manage your money easily.

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Revolut is known for its innovative features and competitive rates that help more than 28 million users with international money transfers. Revolut offers international transfers in up to 29 currencies with the lowest fees possible. They provide real-time notifications and help you securely track your transaction. Revolut’s app also has a very user-friendly interface including various tools to manage your finances.

Revolut is transparent in its transfer rates as they show a complete and detailed breakdown of your international payments. All that you have to do, is to enter a few details and tap on send. Your money will then arrive at the receiver’s bank account in seconds. Within certain limits, Revolut does offer free transfers. Other additional features that Revolut provides include budgeting tools, cryptocurrency exchange, and helping split bills with friends.

The Revolut app helps you send money internationally regardless of where you are, whether you are traveling, sending money to friends or family living abroad, or conducting a business transaction. You can send money abroad using the four ways given below:

  • Bank transfers: Sending money through the traditional bank transfer way.
  • Card transfers: Only card details are required to send money abroad.
  • Peer-to-peer: You can send money directly to friends and family worldwide.
  • Sending to wallet: Not yet released, with this feature you’ll soon be able to send money to digital wallets.

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Wise, formerly known as TransferWise, is another popular international money transfer app that is known for its low fees and transparency. With Wise, you can send money internationally using their peer-to-peer system quickly and securely. Wise protects your monetary transactions with its dedicated fraud team and a two-factor authentication process. They run regular scans to monitor attacks and take care of vulnerabilities, which if found by you can be reported to them through BugCrowd.

Wise makes sure to protect you from phishing by establishing legitimate communication with you. They are regularly audited by finance and IT auditors. Wise is also registered with the regulators of different countries which means that your money is safe with the established financial institutions of your country. It also works in many countries. With Wise, you can manage money internationally, save time, and move your money around easily.


Remitly is quick and affordable for immigrants who travel abroad to work in another country. Hence, Remitly offers them a way to send money to their families to help them sustain themselves. Such remittance services are offered by Remitly, an international money transfer app. Furthermore, you can send up to $30,000 in one go with a single fixed exchange rate no matter how much you decide to send.

Remitly offers instant deposits and easy tracking of transactions. They also provide various delivery options that you can choose including direct bank deposits, cash pickups, and mobile wallet transactions. Remitly is committed to customer satisfaction and its wide network of supported countries makes it ideal for use. They also offer low fees on money transfers.

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