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Top 5 Internet radio stations for music lovers

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Top 5 websites to listen to radio on the Internet

Miss the good old radio experience where you could just turn it on and listen to good music? Here is a list of the 5 best internet radio stations you must stream to that also provide a much better music-listening experience than the typical radio.


Top 5 websites to listen to radio on the Internet

The website offers over 33000+ radio stations to choose from and categorises stations on the basis of popular genres. There is also a Search tab provided and you can search for radio stations pertaining to a specific area as well.

InternetRadio also provides online forums through which you can request for a specific playlist and depending upon the demand for it, they curate it and make it available to users.

Stream radio stations on InternetRadio here.

Radio Garden

Top 5 websites to listen to radio on the Internet

Perhaps one of the best radios available on the internet, Radio Garden lets you choose a location on a virtual globe and pinpoints the radio stations available for that location. You can choose the radio station of your choice and listen to music playing on that station.

Radio garden also stores a log of the previous radio station you were listening to and next time you visit the site, you can tune into it again by clicking on the History tab.

Stream radio stations on Radio Garden here.

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Slacker Radio

Top 5 websites to listen to radio on the Internet

This website pre-curates playlists under various categories and plays them live. You can join in anytime and listen to the songs being played on there. You can also create an account there and save your favourite playlists to listen to later on.

Also, Slacker Assistant (Beta) lets you search for the music you like by giving voice/text input to it. If your browser supports speech recognition, you can use it to ask FAQs, music preferences and so on.

Stream radio stations on Slacker Radio here.


Top 5 websites to listen to radio on the Internet

RadioHere prioritises radio stations you would like to stream to on basis of your language preference. Suppose you want to listen to English music, you will be shown a list of all the English radio stations along with the area/country it is situated in.

By using Radiohere, you can save time creating playlists and listen to ones that are curated by well-known artists and DJs.

Stream radio stations on Radiohere here.

Top 5 websites to listen to radio on the Internet

This is a website that has a collection of countless radio stations from all over the world. On selecting the country of your choice, you are redirected to another website that displays a list of all the radio stations situated there and you can listen to the music of the radio station you choose, from the website itself.

Stream radio stations on RadioWebsites here.

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Parinita Haldar

Parinita Haldar