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Top 7 journal apps for iOS and Android

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If you have an affinity towards writing, keeping a journal most likely comes naturally to you. Journals have been one of the oldest ways people have documented their lives or the lives of others, including the socio-political and cultural events that impacted them directly or indirectly. You can write about your life experiences and also include moments to share it with your peers or with future generations.

Various health-based researches also claim that journaling your thoughts may reduce stress and improve your health. But it is not an easy task to maintain a diary; but with everything turning digital, you won’t be surprised to learn that there are dedicated apps for keeping a journal online, available as apps on iOS and Android app stores. These apps and website have not only various features to help you inculcate writing habit but also have other amazing features like password protection to keep your thoughts private and secure.

In this article, we have made a list of the seven best Journal apps available for Android and iOS users.

Day One

Developer: Bloom Built Inc  | Size: 116.7 MB (iOS); 10 MB (Android) | Price: Free with in-app purchases

Top 7 journal diary apps for iOS and Android

Day One has a clean, sleek and minimal design that is very pleasing to the eyes. The app has a lot of features packed in one, including search, maps, tags, and weather. Day One also has a unique dark mode feature for writing in low light. It has customisable reminders and password protection for journal privacy.

Download Day One here: iOS, Android

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Developer: Penzu Inc  | Size: 99.7 MB (iOS); 15 MB  (Android) | Price: Free with in-app purchases

Top 7 journal diary apps for iOS and Android

Penzu is one of the best journal apps available for both Android and iOS users. The unique feature about Penzu is that it lets you add as many pages as you want. Similar to writing a blog on Wordpress, Penzu has a lot of customisable features from formatting text to adding media. It can also send you reminders to make a dairy entry daily. Apart from that, it also sends old entries for you to reminisce and cherish your beautiful memories from time to time. Penzu is also very secure as it can keep your journal completely private using password protection.

Download Penzu here: iOS, Android


Developer: D3i Ltd  | Size: 97.5 MB  (iOS) | Price: Free with in-app purchases

Top 7 journal diary apps for iOS and Android

With Momento, you can not only privately capture and create memories using text and pictures but also assemble all your daily activity, photos, posts from your social media. The app gives reminders and shares memories of what happened this day last year. The unique feature about Momento is that apart from being a typical journal app, it also gathers content from social media to make an amazing digital archive.

Download Momento here: iOS

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Developer: Two App Studio Pte Ltd | Size: 60 MB (iOS); Varies with device (Android) | Price: Free with in-app purchases

Top 7 journal diary apps for iOS and Android

Journey is one of the best apps to maintain a journal. It can attach multiple images, videos to your daily diary entry. The app has an option of password protection via face ID, Touch ID or pin. Its clean and crisp layout is easy to use, and it does automatic backups to Google Drive.

Download Journey now: iOS, Android

Five Minute Journal

Developer: Intelligent Change Inc. | Size: 58 MB (iOS); 5.9MB (Android) | Price: $4.99

Top 7 journal diary apps for iOS and Android

The Five Minute Journal is different from other journaling apps. If you are looking to do freeform journal writing, then this app is not the right fit. The Five Minute Journal app is based on gratitude, self-reflection and positive psychology. The app asks various questions throughout the day to instil appreciation, give a positive outlook towards your day and reflect upon how you can make your next day better. You can also add photos in your answers.

Download Five Minute Journal here: iOS, Android

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Developer: Relaxio SRO  | Size: 61.3 MB (iOS); 12 MB (Android) | Price: Free with in-app purchases

Top 7 journal diary apps for iOS and Android

If you despise writing, then Daylio is the perfect journaling app for you. Daylio app doesn’t have the long-form writing format, but you can do a diary entry within minutes via mood icons and specific icons to indicated what you did during the day. You can add photos and make it more interesting too. The app has general features like reminders, exports, goals, adding notes and others.

Download Daylio now: iOS, Android

Grid Diary

Developer: Xiamen Sumi Network Technology Co Ltd  | Size: 54.4 MB (iOS); 21 MB (Android) | Price: Free with in-app purchases

Top 7 journal diary apps for iOS and Android

Based on the grid layout, Grid Diary helps in writing through questions. It displays various questions while you are writing to help you build on your story. It has built-in prompts as well that will help you whenever you get stuck with writing. Features like password protection and cloud syncing are available if you choose to become a premium member.

Download Grid Diary now: iOS, Android

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