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Top 7 event apps in India

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With modern-day technology, we are now closer than ever to each other. There’s an app for pretty much everything now. So if you’re looking to head out and a have a fun evening by yourself or with some friends, you bet there’s an app for that as well.

In this article, we’re going to take a look at the seven best event apps in India.


Developer: BigTree Entertainment Pvt Ltd. | Size: 55 MB (Android); 153.8 MB (iOS) | Price: Free

Top 7 event apps in India | Candid.Technology

You probably already have the app on your phone or have used it at some point in time. BookMyShow is the goto app for most people when anything that requires tickets to attend comes to mind.

You can book tickets for movies, concerts, live shows, events and whatnot. It’s a quick and effective one-stop solution for all your happy Saturday evening getaways.

You can download BookMyShow for Android or for iOS.

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Developer: Paytm – One97 Communications Pvt Ltd | Size: 53MB (Android); 508MB (iOS) | Price: Free

Top 7 event apps in India | Candid.Technology

Yes Paytm, the famous payments app everyone in the country uses. Recently Paytm has evolved into much more than just a simple payment portal. You can now pay bills, order food or groceries and book tickets to your favourite events.

Apart from finding the most popular cinema halls and major events in your city, there’s also a good chance that you’ll stumble across some smaller but rather interesting events as well.

You can download Paytm for Android or for iOS.


Developer: Phonepe Pvt Ltd. | Size: 36MB (Android);  317.7 MB (iOS) | Price: Free

Top 7 event apps in India | Candid.Technology

It’s practically the same story as with Paytm, however, PhonePe takes a rather different approach to let you find events,

Rather than finding events, the app is more focussed on selling tickets. However, being a common payment gateway, most organisers will put their events on it which means, you’re gonna be able to find them.

You can download PhonePe for Android or for iOS.

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Facebook Local

Developer: Facebook | Size: Varies with device (Android);  261.5 MB (iOS) | Price: Free

Top 7 event apps in India | Candid.Technology

Up next is Facebook’s very own event app. The app shows all public events happening around your location in a clean, minimalistic map layout. You can then chose whether or not you’ll attend any events add them to your calendar and whatnot. 

It works exactly like events on Facebook, except this app only has events. 

You can download Facebook Local for Android or for iOS.


Developer: Eventbrite | Size: 15 MB (Android);  142.8 MB (iOS) | Price: Free

Top 7 event apps in India | Candid.Technology

Eventbrite is rather a global events app than a local one. However, just like everything good in the global market, it has made its way in here as well.

Just put in the time, city and the type of event you’re looking for and every event happening will pop up on your screen, From there on you can mark events you want to attend, book tickets, set reminders, find locations and so on.

You can download Eventbrite for Android or for iOS.

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Events High

Developer: Events High | Size: 4.6 MB (Android) | Price: Free

Top 7 event apps in India | Candid.Technology

Events High is also a rather popular app when it comes to events around a few of the bigger cities in India namely Bangalore, Delhi, Mumbai and Chennai.

Now while the app may be very restrictive in its demographics, it does cover a whole lot of events in the respective cities. The app is quite intuitive to use and you’ll be booked and ready for your favourite events in no time.

You can download Events High for Android.


Developer: Meetup | Size: 17 MB (Android); 105.7 MB (iOS) | Price: Free

Top 7 event apps in India | Candid.Technology

As the name suggests, Meetup is an app for, well meetups. However, the scale of those meetups is up to the organisers to decide.

You can find anything from a small event of 20 people to a huge conference of thousands. Meetup makes it extremely easy to attend and organise such events. It has everything else you’d expect from an events app including ticketing, reminders and locating the event.

You can download Meetup for Android or for iOS.

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