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Top 3 websites to download Lightroom presets

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If you are looking to cut your boring photo editing work short, then you must be familiar with the term ‘presets’. They help you speed through batch editing by helping you prepare templates for effect which can be reused for other batches. Presets help you set a common theme for your work. You can also share your presets with your friends or colleagues.

You can download presets and set your sliders in a particular combination on Adobe Lightroom that can be used again for a different project, helping you save time and energy.

In this article, we will highlight the top three Lightroom preset websites that you can consider for your batch photo or video editing in Adobe Lightroom.

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Presetpro Lightroom Presets

Presetpro is a wide library of 1200 presets and 1200 profiles that come in a variety of collections. Some bundles that you should browse include landscape bundle, portrait bundle, film emulation, the creative flow, moody, lifestyle, and cinematic collections to name a few. Their entire website is dedicated to helping photographers and video creators with a huge variety of preset templates in the editing world. Presetpro has built tutorial videos with a very clean UI to help you effortlessly examine the collections before purchase.

Presetpro also takes care of presets for Adobe Photoshop and Lightroom as well as providing LUTs or lookup tables for all categories. Their profile categories like the NEO film emulation collection include 100 film stock presets and Capture One includes 980 presets. This is just the beginning as they are giving out a 30% discount with a code SAVE30 and get 10 free samples from The Creative Flow when you subscribe. There is no subscription-based monthly or annual fee to be paid. You can shop, add to your cart any Lightroom preset of your choice and buy it right away, quick and hassle-free, what your work will be after applying presets.

Envato elements

Envato Elements has a huge library that offers tutorials on design and illustration, code, photography and video, and business and web design. They provide Lightroom add-ons where you can hue slides in categories of either action and presets, layer styles, palettes, and brushes. Envato Elements supports applications that are compatible with their categories. These applications include Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Lightroom, Adobe Illustrator, Figma, Sketch, and Procreate.

They provide more than 11 million creative assets with a seven-day free trial. Envato offers stock videos with multiple video templates, royalty-free music, graphics, graphic templates, sound effects, fonts, and presentation templates among multiple other choices.


Initially started as a platform to sell affordable stock videos, Storyblocks has grown to provide stock photos, videos, audio, music, sound effects, illustration, vectors, and other royalty-free assets. They also provide a video editor with their subscription plans. Out of their immense library, they are selling 145 presets in video and text animated formats. They have different types of video presets that include colour, glitch, bounce, wiggle, pixel, dark horror, and other video preset transitions.

Storyblocks also suggests audio that can go with video presets. Their presets help you get through bulk editing a project quickly by creating animations around a similar theme for every project.

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