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Top 7 locker apps for Android

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If you feel that the default security provided by your phones is not enough and want to have much stronger protection, then the list discussed below is precisely what you’ve been searching. The app locks will help you to protect your sensitive data like your banking and card details, gallery, and much more.

Here is a list of the best locker apps on Android below and strengthen your phone security by downloading these third-party apps. These apps not only have the conventional password, pin and pattern but also use fingerprint as an unlocking method. Moreover, several all of these also feature a tool that snaps the picture of anyone who tries to unlock your phone.


Developer: DoMobile LabTop 7 locker apps for Android that get the work doneThis is one of the most popular android lock apps. You can use it to protect any specific app from unauthorised access. You can hide photos and videos in a private vault. After downloading all you need to do is create a master pattern lock, which then you’ll have to use before accessing the protected app. You can also hide the app icon from the app drawer. Fingerprint recognition is also supported.

Download Applock here

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Norton App Lock

Developer: NortonMobileTop 7 locker apps for Android that get the work doneThis ad-free app locker helps you lock apps through the assistance of PIN/pattern or a fingerprint scanner. The app shield photos and also prevent uninstallation of the apps. The cool thing about the app is that it captures pictures of anyone trying to unlock your phone. A recommendation list is provided by this app which suggests you which apps you should lock.

Download Norton App Lock here

AppLock – Fingerprint

Developer: SpSoftTop 7 locker apps for Android that get the work doneThe app by SpSoft has a user-friendly interface and secures our apps via a PIN, pattern, or fingerprint. The app also provides you with options for screen and rotation lock. This is where you can add apps for locking their screen backlight and screen orientation. Different passwords can be created for different apps. The app snaps a picture of anyone who tries to unlock your apps, which is later sent on your email address. The app is available in 30 different languages. By upgrading to the premium version, you can eliminate ads.

Download Applock –  Fingerprint here

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Developer: IvyMobileTop 7 locker apps for Android that get the work doneYou can lock pretty much everything through this app. It helps to guard your contacts, gallery, settings, email, and much more through the use of a PIN or a pattern lock. Just like every other app, this app also clicks a picture of those who try to unlock your apps. You can disguise the Applock icon with a fake icon like an alarm clock, calculator or any other icon. This free app is supported by ads.

Download Applock here

Perfect Applock

Developer: Morrison SoftwareTop 7 locker apps for Android that get the work done With the help of a PIN, pattern, or gesture password, you can secure any app you want on your phone. Alongwith this standard function, the app also locks WiFi, Bluetooth, and internet data. The app has a Screen Filter feature though which you can control screen brightness of individual apps and a rotation lock that helps to prevent undesired screen rotation. After three failed attempts to unlock the app, this app takes pictures of the intruder. One of the fantastic functions of this app is that you can lock outgoing and incoming calls, and it can also expose fake error messages on locked apps.

Download Perfect Applock here

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Developer: SuperTools CorporationTop 7 locker apps for Android that get the work doneOne of the most impressive apps on the list comes with an inbuilt file scanner, phone booster as well as notification cleaner. To create your master password, you can use either PIN or pattern. This app locker enables you to hide your private photos and videos that are present in your gallery and acquire them inside separate vaults. It provides power-saving mode and also photos of those who try to unlock your phone. Through this app, you can also prevent the uninstallation of locked apps. This Android app is free with no in-app purchases, and it’s also supported by ads.

Download LOCKit here

Smart AppLock

Developer: ThinkYeah MobileTop 7 locker apps for Android that get the work doneThis app will secure up your apps and photos, which also includes your settings, toggles, to keep all of these protected. It conceals itself as a lock screen. This makes people think that they are back there all over again. Not only these things but also the app provides auto-start upon reboot, break-in alerts, delayed app locking. The app has fingerprint scanner capabilities for Samsung devices. The app is free, and it also supports ads.

Download Smart Applock here

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