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Top 7 sleep tracker apps for Android and iOS

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Missing out on sleep and binge-watching entire seasons of that series that your friend recommended is pretty standard nowadays, but what we don’t realise is that this habit ultimately affects our sleeping cycle.

If you want to stay productive and want to utilise your time wisely, sleep tracking apps are a great tool. These apps analyse the user’s sleeping pattern and gives suggestions on how to improve on the habit. And not just this they come with a lot of features like heart rate monitor, snoring detection, lightest sleep phase detection and among others.

If you are looking for the best sleep tracking apps, we’ve got you covered. Below are seven free sleep tracking apps for Android and iOS.

Several of these apps make use of sensors and the microphone of your device and can be a cause for concern as far as your privacy is concerned. If any of the apps asks for permissions that you’re not comfortable granting then we recommend you either disable those permissions or try an alternative from the list.

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Sleep Cycle

Developer: Sleep Cycle AB | Size: 64.11MB (Android); 221.1MB (iOS) | Price: Free with in-app purchases.Top 7 sleep tracker apps for Android and iOS | Candid.TechnologyOne of the most popular apps for tracking sleep, Sleep Cycle not just monitors snoring and body movements during the night but also user sleep patterns. It makes a sleeping pattern statistic that ultimately helps you get better sleeping habits. One such feature that stands out is that it’ll buzz the alarm when you’re in the lightest sleep phase.

The app gives the option to customise sleep phase time, sounds, motion detector and many more. Stories, Rhymes, tropical music can also be downloaded within the app.

Click here to download Sleep Cycle for Android or iOS.

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Developer: IAC Search & Media Europe Ltd. | Size: 42MB (Android); 336.3MB (iOS) | Price: Free with in-app purchases.Top 7 sleep tracker apps for Android and iOS | Candid.Technology

This app comes with some amazing and easy to understand features. Sleepzy allows its users to set their goals and tracks sleep debt — a pile-up effect of not getting enough sleep — to sleep better and stay motivated. In addition to giving a thorough sleep analysis, the app also helps in maintaining a sleep diary. It only uses a microphone detector to determine the sleep phase.

Click here to download Sleepzy for Android or iOS

Google Fit

Developer: Google LLC | Size: 5.76MB (Android); 226.6MB (iOS) | Price: Free with in-app purchases.Top 7 Workout Apps for Android to help you keep in shapeGoogle Fit is one of the top apps for several reasons, but the foremost is that alongwith tracking sleep, it keeps track of a lot of other things like steps, calories, activity and heart rate. The data entry has to be done manually, but if you want to automate your entries, Google fit can also sync with a fitness tracker device or can extract data from a third-party app.

Click here to download Google Fit for Android or iOS.

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Developer: Guangzhou Moreless Network Technology Co. Ltd. | Size: 64MB (Android); 174.1MB (iOS) | Price: Free with in-app purchase.Top 7 sleep tracker apps for Android and iOS | Candid.Technology The biggest enemy of sleep is mental unrest. This app is designed in a way that it not only focuses on physical but also psychological health. Tide app offers a sleep guide for its users and also monitors nap, meditation and breathing cycle to relax. It provides dozens of sounds like ocean, wetlands, forest, drizzle, spring, clock, and several others, that play in the background to make you fall asleep quickly.

Click here to download Tide for Android or iOS


Developer: Reviva Softworks Ltd | Size: 28.74MB (Android); 105.1MB (iOS) | Price: Free with in-app purchase.Top 7 sleep tracker apps for Android and iOS | Candid.TechnologyThe only thing you have to do is to set SnoreLab and keep your phone next to the bed while sleeping. It will give a snore score in the morning and tells you how loud you were. One exciting feature it holds is, it can measure the impact of factors like drinking alcohol, dehydration, exhaustion, workout and many more.  It gives information on snoring remedies like wedge pillow, side sleeping, air purifiers, anti-snore pillow, and more

Click here to download SnoreLab for Android or iOS

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Sleep as Android

Developer: Urbandroid | Size: 16.47MB | Price: Free with in-app purchases.Top 7 sleep tracker apps for Android and iOS | Candid.Technology Unlike other apps, you don’t need to register or link to one of your online accounts. This one gives you a comprehensive overview of all the features and reduces the hassle of operating the app. Sleep as Android uses motion sensor and contact-less ultrasonic sleep tracking sonar to detect sleep patterns. It can also back up or extract data on the cloud. Sleeping to lullabies and waking up to your favourite song is also possible with this app.

Click here to download  Sleep as Android for Android


Developer: Neybox Digital Ltd. | Size: 339.3MB | Price: Free with in-app purchases.Top 7 sleep tracker apps for Android and iOS | Candid.Technology The app can track the sleep cycle automatically using Apple Watch and then give out a detailed analysis in the form of a graph. It can also monitor heart rate and comes with three nap modes, namely power nap, recovery, and full-cycle nap.

Click here to download Pillow for iOS

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