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Top 7 travel apps in India for Android and iOS

For some travelling is like an escape, something that rejuvenates the soul. Due to this reason most people love to travel but hate the planning that comes along with it. Travelling has a lot of advantages; it helps you break the shackles of your monotonous life and spice things up. But planning a travel itinerary is not that simple, with various constraints while booking tickets, one wants to save every penny and have the best experience at the same time.

Fear not, we are here to rescue your drowning travel planning with this concise guide on the best travel apps out there. So without taking much of your time, let us get that trip planned.


Developer: Ibibo Group Pvt Ltd | Size: 22MB (Android); 154MB (iOS) | Price: Free.Top 7 travel apps in India for Android and iOS | Candid.TechnologyThe first hurdle each traveller faces is to find the best tickets fast. Goibibo has made this task more manageable than ever before. Whatever you have in mind, Goibibo has got it. From flight tickets, bus tickets, railway tickets, and even hotel booking Goibibo has got it all covered. Any kind of booking you want to make to reach a destination Goibibo has it. It also has a car booking facility so that you don’t have to haggle at the airport.

With great discounts and virtual currency rewards, Goibibo provides the cheapest tickets available. They’ve also partnered with IRCTC bookings, so train travel is also simplified with Goibibo. It also offers excellent customer services to its customers, so if any issues occur during any of your bookings, Goibibo will not let you feel helpless.

You can download Goibibo for Android here and iOS here.

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Developer: Trivago | Size: Varies with device (Android); 40.8MB (iOS) | Price: Free.Top 7 travel apps in India for Android and iOS | Candid.Technology Now that you have got your tickets booked, let us help you find the cheapest hotels out there. Trivago compares prices from all major hotel booking sites and redirects you to the cheapest one out there. With over 2.8 lakh reviews and a four and a half star rating on the Playstore, Trivago is undoubtedly doing a tonne of things right.

With an excellent user interface and a variety of filters to narrow your search, Trivago makes handling hotel booking piece of cake

You can download Trivago for Android here and iOS here.


Developer: Uber Technologies Inc. | Size: Varies with device (Android);  269.8MB (iOS) | Price: Free.Top 7 travel apps in India for Android and iOS | Candid.TechnologyNo one likes to haggle with cab drivers and ruin the fun of travelling. Uber will put you out of your misery by providing the safest and cheapest travel in the city. With Uber auto, you can reach any destination quickly and safely. With a multitude of drivers in each city, all your intercity commute worries are handled with Uber.

In addition to this, it offers an excellent user interface with accurate location tracking and time estimation for customer satisfaction. Uber should be on every traveller’s device out there.

You can download Uber for Android here and iOS here.

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Developer: Tripadvisor | Size: Varies with device (Android); 217.4MB (iOS) | Price: Free.Top 7 travel apps in India for Android and iOS | Candid.Technology What makes India unique is the diverse culture in each of its cities. This culture affects the food of each place, giving a twist. It is essential to eat the ethnic cuisine of any city to experience it completely. With over 850 million reviewers, Tripadvisor will help you find the best authentic food in any town. Not only this it helps you find attractions in the city that you should visit.

If you are having second thoughts on which hotel to book Tripadvisor provides a lot of unbiased reviews to help you make the right decision. The only issue that this app offers is that it collects your location data and gives it to third party clients even when the app runs in the background. This issue can be fixed by changing the location access settings on the new android update.

You can download Tripadvisor for Android here and iOS here

Incredible India

Developer: Ministry of Tourism | Size: 29MB (Android); 81.9MB (iOS) | Price: Free.Top 7 travel apps in India for Android and iOS | Candid.TechnologyDeveloped by the Ministry of Tourism Incredible India will help you explore the real India, helping you experiencing its heritage, culture through yoga, wellness and more. The app provides the traveller with a certain standard when travelling. It should be the go-to guide for any person travelling through India and wanting to get in touch with the roots of its culture.

You can download Incredible India for Android here and iOS here.

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Captivatour Travel Audio Guide

Developer: CaptivaTour | Size: 12MB (Android); 23.4 (iOS) | Price: Free with in-app purchases.Top 7 travel apps in India for Android and iOS | Candid.TechnologyEveryone loves to have a tour guide when looking at historical monuments like Taj Mahal, Qutub Minar, or the red fort. With the advancement in technology, this app becomes your digital tour guide by playing pre-recorded audios on the app. In addition to all this, the app doesn’t need any internet connection, so, your digital guide will not start to buffer when showing you the Taj Mahal.

You can download Captivatour Travel Audio Guide for Android here and iOS here.


Developer: Routechef | Size: Varies with device(Only on Android) | Price: Free with in-app purchases.Top 7 travel apps in India for Android and iOS | Candid.Technology Planning to travel to a destination but can’t find direct tickets to the place? Route chef will help you reach that destination by breaking your commute. It provides various alternates like two busses, two trains, or a bus and a train to reach your destination. A relatively new app on the Playstore, which can be a saviour for those moments of emergency.

Click here to download Routechef

In conclusion, if you love to travel, you should have all the mentioned apps on your device to make life simpler when travelling in India.

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