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‘Winter is here’ but beware of these Game of Thrones phishing websites

Amidst the fanfare of epic proportions, one of the most popular TV shows, Game of Thrones, which has been on air since April 17, 2011, premiered the first episode of their final season on April 14, 2019. The TV show is available to watch on HBO in several countries and Hotstar in India, but a significant percentage of the viewers watch it through other unofficial sources.

When it comes to unofficial sources to watch Game of Thrones on the internet, there is no dearth of resources. People can either stream the series via scores of websites or download it through a torrent site.

We don’t endorse doing it, but If you’re one of those who is going to use an unofficial streaming or torrent website, you should be wary of several websites that are running streams, blogs, games and even merchandise related to Game of Thrones, which are out to get your data.

Researchers at Check Point found a list of websites that are running scams aimed at collecting information of unsuspecting GoT fans, such as their email address and mobile number, which can be used to run potential spam mail campaigns in the future.

“While many may claim to be able to tell the difference between a real site and a fake site, the use of well recognized and trusted brands, like Game of Thrones, is the preferred method for encouraging the user that the impersonated email or website is trustworthy,” the Check Point research states.

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List of websites you should avoid related to Game of Thrones

via HBO

Following is a list of websites that include a malicious link, several streaming, fraud, shopping, gaming and blog links that you should avoid visiting in order to save your PC/smartphone from being compromised. A few inactive links have also been mentioned, so if you have a block list consider adding them to it too.

  • gameofthrones(.pro) [Malicious link]
  • Gameofthroness(.club) [Streaming link]
  • Watchgameofthrones(.info) [Streaming link]
  • Gameofthronesstreamingita(.com) [Streaming link]
  • gameofthronesgamer(.com) [Fraud link]
  • gameofthronesof(.com) [Fraud link]
  • gameofthronesseason8online(.net) [Fraud link]
  • gameofthronessaison8stream(.com) [Fraud link]
  • gameofthronesratings(.com) [Fraud link]
  • gameofthronesconquesthacked(.top) [Fraud link]
  • gameofthronesil(.com) [Shopping link]
  • gameofthroneszone(.com) [Shopping link]
  • gameofthronesneon(.com) [Shopping link]
  • gameofthronesgifts(.com) [Shopping link]
  • gameofthronescastle(.com) [Shopping link]
  • gameofthronesfandom(.com) [Shopping link]
  • shopatgameofthrones(.com) [Shopping link]
  • idolovegameofthrones(.com) [Shopping link]
  • gameofthronesapparel(.com) [Shopping link]
  • thegameofthronesparty(.com) [Shopping link]
  • gameofthroneskeychains(.com) [Shopping link]
  • gameofthronesofficalshop(.com) [Shopping link]
  • gameofthronestreasureshop(.com) [Shopping link]
  • realgameofthrones(.com) [Gaming link]
  • officialgameofthrones(.com) [Gaming link]
  • gameofthronesblog(.com) [Blog link]
  • gameofthroneseason8episodes(.com) [Blog link]
  • gameofthronesseason8hbo(.com) [Blog link]
  • hbogameofthronesseason7(.net) [Blog link]
  • gameofthronespredict(.com) [Blog link]
  • gameofthrones-live(.com) [Inactive links]
  • gameofthronescast(.com) [Inactive links]
  • gameofthronesbingo(.com) [Inactive links]
  • gameofthronesfinale(.shop) [Inactive links]
  • gameofthronesseason6-online(.com) [Inactive links]
  • gameofthronesstudiotours(.com) [Inactive links]
  • gameofthronesslotscasino(.com) [Inactive links]
  • gameofthroneslegacytours(.com) [Inactive links]
  • gameofthronesseason7livestreaming(.com) [Inactive links]
  • gameofthronescollectibles(.com) [Inactive links]
  • gameofthronesseason7watchonline(.com) [Inactive links]
  • watchgameofthronesepisodes(.com) [Inactive links]

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