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How to block emails on AOL?

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Spam messages are a constant threat to people’s privacy. They can also be used for email spoofing, where the attacker sends malicious emails to the receiver or phishing scams. However, the mail services filter most of these emails, but the user must also take precautions from their side.

If you are getting too much spam mails, it is wise to block the sender’s address and report the address to the concerned authorities. If you are using AOL mail, then you can prevent the malicious mail in a few clicks. In this article, we will explain how you can block emails on AOL.

Block emails from the AOL website by adding a spam filter

You can block emails from a specific address in a few clicks. To block emails on AOL, follow the instructions given below. But before that, make sure that you sign in on AOL first.

Step 1: Click on the mail icon at the top right or click on the Mail option on the left sidebar. Step 2: Now, click on Options at the top right, below your account name.

Step 3: From the drop-down menu, select the Mail Settings option.How to block emails on AOL? | Candid.TechnologyStep 4: After that, select the Spam Settings from the left sidebar. Here, enter the address of the sender that you want to block and then click on the Plus button to add the address to the block list. When you are done, click on Save Settings. Now, you can relax, as all the messages from the sender will go to your Spam box. For more security, Go to General tab on the left sidebar and then click to turn on the following options:

  • Hide images in the mail from unknown senders.
  • Disable links in mail from unknown senders.

If you want to send a particular email to the spam box, tick mark on the box at the left side of the email and then click on the Mark as Spam option at the top (refer the screenshot below). If, on the other hand, you want to unmark the email as spam, go to the Spam folder form the left sidebar, tickmark the email and then click on the Not spam option which looks like the OK button. Currently, you cannot block the emails from the AOL app for Android and iOS.

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