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11 best Broken Screen wallpapers

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How to unlock Android phone with a broken screen?

Be it an old or a new phone, making any change to its display of it brings a fresh and new look. You can do this by customising icon shapes, changing wallpapers, or changing theme colours. If you are in the mood for something eccentric or in contrast to what you usually go for, you can check out broken screen wallpapers which will make your phone display stand out.

In this article, we will explore the 11 best Broken Screen wallpapers for both Android and iOS devices which will either scare or bring appreciation from your family and friends.

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1. Cracked glass wallpaper

This wallpaper will help give a highly believable broken-screen look to your phone. You can even try placing this wallpaper on a friend or family member’s phone screen duping them into thinking that their phone’s screen broke. This wallpaper can be used on both Android and iOS devices.

Access the full-res image here

2. Destruction of Adam

Unlike the famous ‘The Creation of Adam’ fresco by Michelangelo, in this wallpaper, you can see two cracks on your screen touching showing the destruction. It is a highly believable and clear wallpaper that will readily fool the people around you into thinking that your phone (Android or iOS) is broken.

Access the full-res image here

3. Glitchy enigma

A glitchy look is a direct consequence of destroyed pixels which happens if you drop your phone and if you already have some black spots on your device then having a glitchy wallpaper with blackspots will make your device seem normal if not unique.

Access the full-res image here

4. Cracked splashes

If you want a slightly cracked wallpaper image then you can use the wallpaper given below as it shows light cracks with a blurred background which seem to have done their damage. This can also help you clearly view icons without any extra effort and provide a minimal and believable cracked display to anyone who notices.

Access the full-res image here

5. Bullet holes in the screen

If you want to give a highly dynamic feel to any viewer, placing a cracked screen riddled with bullet holes will have an action-packed effect. Most importantly, this wallpaper shows that your phone is as tough as you, having survived bullet holes and functioning optimally.

Access the full-res image here

6. Heavy cracks

This wallpaper shows a blurry background and it seems like your phone screen is a window to another world which has cracked.

Access the full-res image here

7. Cracked menu screen

A cracked menu screen of your iPhone can appear highly realistic and given an effect of there being a real damage instead of being just a wallpaper.

Access the full-res image here

8. Cracked glitches

If you want to portray a solid and realistic broken phone or screen, then using a glitchy wallpaper has never once failed to have the effect.

Access the full-res image here

9. Broken mirror effect

This effect shows a broken mirror that is showing a scenic reflection. Such aesthetic but broken wallpaper displays can be placed on any device.

Access the full-res image here

10. Hanging shards

This wallpaper display shows hanging shards that give a dangling effect that the glass shards might fall down at any time.

Access the full-res image here

11. Internal display

In this wallpaper, you can see the internal display of your phone along with scratches on the rest of your screen.

Access the full-res image here

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