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Can people see what Discord servers you’re in?

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Discord is one of the most popular social networking where users can connect to each other; gamers mostly use it to communicate with their friends and share their gaming experiences with each other. There are many servers where gamers share their achievement in various games and tips and tricks to clear pretty tough levels.

Discord has many other servers of many different categories, and the number of servers keeps increasing daily. Discord has made its community and server rules strict for user safety.

This article discusses whether your friends or other users could see the Discord servers you are using.

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Can people see the Discord servers you are using?

No, people cannot see what servers you are using.

Discord does not allow other users to see the servers you are using for user safety and privacy; Discord has always prioritised its users’ safety from the start.

Can people see the mutual Discord servers you are using?

Yes, but they can only see the servers you both share.

Other users can only see the mutual servers or the servers you both share. If they joined the same server, then that server will be added to your mutual servers list.

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How to check mutual servers you share with someone on Discord?

If you want to see the mutual servers that you share with the user, then follow the steps below:

You can see the mutual server list of anyone, even if you are not friends with them.

Can people see what Discord servers you're in?
  • Tap on the friend’s/user’s name to open their profile.
  • Scroll down and then tap on the Mutual Servers.
  • A pop-up menu will appear with the list of the servers you share.

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