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How to fix error 01 Canon?

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Canon cameras are more often than not quite reliable. machines. However, they do run into the occasional error here and there. The company did think of this and has implemented a series of error codes pointing to the possible cause of an issue.

In this article, we’ll be going over Canon Error 01, what causes it and how you can get your camera back up and running again. 

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What causes Error 01 on Canon cameras?

Error 01 or Err 01 as it shows up on the camera LCD, is caused by improper contact between the lens and the camara. If you take a look, you’ll realise that there’s a set of golden contacts on the lens rim on the camera and behind the lens. 

This is how to the camera connects to the lens and both contact each other with information like focus, aperture and the actual exposure itself. If there’s any debris in these contacts or they’re blocked for whatever reason, you’ll see errror 01 pop up on the camera’s LCD screen. 

How to fix Error 01 on Canon cameras?

The fix for the error is rather simple, check the connections between the camera and the lens and make sure they’re in proper contact. The error can also be triggered by using an incompatible lens.

The most likely cause of this error is a mechanical issue in your lens. Check to make sure your lens is fine, that it has no damage and that the autofocus motors are working fine. Another thing to check is your aperture ring. You may even have to send back your lens for repairs.

Another thing you can do is to just wipe down the contacts on the lens and on the camera with a dry cloth (preferably microfibre) and restart your camera to see if the error gets resolved. If it doesn’t and you’re sure that the contact between the lens and the camera isn’t the issue, it’s time to send your lens in for a repair.

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