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How to change boot splash screen in Linux Mint?

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Everyone should have control over all aspects of their computer and the choice to make it look the way they want, which is precisely why, in this article, we’re going through a step-by-step process of changing your splash screen on Linux.

Note that while these steps are for Linux Mint, they should work for other Linux distros as well. Let us know in the comments below if you’re coming from another Linux distros and whether or not this guide worked for you. If you’re looking to change Windows boot image, check out our article here.

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Changing boot splash screen on Linux Mint

The process is quite simple and straightforward as you’d expect from Linux. All you need to do is replace a file and update the theme master record, and you’re done.

The first step here is, of course, getting a replacement splash screen. Now you can design your own or download one off of the internet. The image needs to be a simple PNG.

Dimensions, however, depend on your specific monitor resolution and size. You might have to play around a little bit here. Anyways, let’s get started

Step 1: Once you’ve made up your mind about the splash screen image, rename it to mint-logo.png. 

Step 2: Navigate to the following directory


Make sure to open the directory with root privileges. If you’re doing this on the Linux file manager, search for mint-logo. When the folder appears, right-click on it and select Open as Root. 

Now enter your password and follow the next step.

Note that it says ‘Elevated Privileges’

Step 3: Copy your file in this location and replace it with the default file already in the location.

Replace the original file with your boot logo

Step 4: Enter the following command in the terminal

sudo update-initramfs -u

It’ll ask for your password. Now reboot your computer to check out that brand new splash screen.

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    I folowed u’r screen to cange spashsreen it is not working , since i am looking at u’r sreen /usr/share/playmouth/themes/mint-logo * u have 2 directories my mint dos not have, mint-logo-scale2 -playmoth and mint-logo-scale2-script /// cold that be the mistake? thanks waiting for u’r answer.

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