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How to change the language on Duolingo?

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Duolingo is a widely-used, free, and popular app that specialises in teaching various languages. It has also recently started its paid subscription, which has zero ads and many other unlimited benefits. Your language learning experience can get affected if anything hinders your progress.

This article explains how you can change the language on Duolingo if yours is not fixed according to your native language.

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Changing language on PC

Log in to your Duolingo account through their website and follow the steps given below to change your base language quickly:

Step 1: On your homepage, click on the flag icon in the top-right corner of your screen.

How to change the language on Duolingo?

Step 2: Click on Add a new course option at the bottom of the number of languages you are currently learning.

How to change the language on Duolingo?

Step 3: From the vast number of options shown, ignore them. Focus on the top-right corner where in grey, you will find the option I Speak English with a drop-down arrow.

How to change the language on Duolingo?

By clicking on that option, you can choose and change your base language to fit according to your native tongue. Duolingo offers all of these languages according to the native speaker of many countries. So as a native speaker of Spain, you can set the base language to Spanish and then learn a second language.

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Changing language on the app

Open your Duolingo app and follow the instructions given below:

How to change the language on Duolingo?
  • Tap on the flag icon at the top-left corner of the home screen.
  • This option will display all of the languages that you are currently learning. Swipe left till you arrive at the +Course box and select this option.
How to change the language on Duolingo?
  • You will be shown a list of languages for native speakers of various countries. Choose the base language that is either your native or any in which you can converse comfortably.
  • Duolingo will ask you to confirm, letting you know in advance that the app’s interface will switch to the selected language. Tap on the Change to option.

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