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How to change your location in Uber?

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One of the most commonly known and used cab-hailing apps on the planet, Uber offers a slew of features to help make the experience as convenient, streamlined and flexible as it possibly can for its users. 

Generally, the app uses location data your phone’s GPS sensor to determine where to send the cab, but you can manually change the location too. Now while the app does ask you to set a pickup location before getting a ride, you can do this after booking a ride too. 

This can come in really handy if you have a spotty GPS signal, or if you’re stuck in a tight place and would rather have your ride waiting at a more convenient spot, which isn’t exactly your phone’s GPS location. 

In this article, we’re going to take a look at how you can change your location for your Uber ride. 

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How to change the pickup location in Uber?

If you’re booking on your Uber app, here’s how to change your location 

How to change your location in Uber? | Candid.Technology
  • Once you’ve booked your cab, you’ll see a change button show up on the tag for your pickup location. Tap it to get the pin active.
  • Move it around on the map until you’re happy with the pickup location. Tap on the Confirm button to save changes. 
  • Uber will show a message asking you to confirm a new fare, in case there are changes to the fare amount.

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How to change the drop off location in Uber?

You can update your drop location as well as add two more to have as many as three stops in total. 

How to change your location in Uber? | Candid.Technology
  • Tap on the booking details.
  • Tap on Add or Change in front of your destination to update your drop location or add more stops. Your fare will be updated automatically.

For now, you can’t really change your location through Uber’s website. However, since the app automatically syncs with the site, you’ll get the same booking on your phone. You can just as easily change the location there. 

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