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Chromebook won’t turn on: Quick Fix

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Chromebooks are one of the quickest laptops out there as far as booting speed is concerned. But if you’re seeing a black or white screen when booting or if the device turns off immediately when you try to log in, and the Chromebook keeps crashing, you’re at the right webpage.

It doesn’t matter which brand manufactured your Chromebook; each one of them is prone to hardware and software issues. Here we’ve explained why your Chromebook isn’t turning on and several possible fixes for the ‘Chromebook won’t turn on’ issue.

Why isn’t your Chromebook switching on?

The primary reason why your Chromebook won’t turn on is an issue with the Chrome OS. If that’s not the case, the problem is probably with your Chromebook’s battery charger and internal or external hardware.

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How to fix the ‘Chromebook won’t turn on’ issue?

The guides mentioned below will help you fix the ‘Chromebook won’t turn on’ issue. In addition to the Chromebook crashes discussed above, the following fixes also solve issues like Chromebook keeps crashing after login or if nothing happens once you press the power button.

Ensure Chromebook is charging

First and foremost, if your Chromebook won’t turn on after pressing the power button, the issue can be either with the battery or battery charger.

Connect the charger to a power source and the Chromebook and check if the battery charging indicator (typically an orange or blue LED light beside the charging port) lights up. If it doesn’t, leave the battery charging for two to three hours — especially helpful if it hasn’t been charged in ages — and try again.

You can try alternate chargers to see if the problem is with the charger or the Chromebook’s port and internal battery.

Perform a hard restart

If your Chromebook turns on, but the screen either stays black or white, perform a hard restart by pressing and holding the Refresh key and Power button.

A hard restart clears the cache and RAM of the Chromebook, which could be preventing the device from switching on.

Remove external devices

If you’ve got any USB devices or HDMI connected, disconnect them before trying to boot the Chromebook. If the battery is weak or your device is old, chances are the Chromebook won’t turn on alongwith the external devices connected.

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Sign in as a guest user

An issue syncing the Google account registered with your Chromebook can cause an error while trying to sign in to the device. Alternatively, OS issues and malfunctioning apps can also cause problems.

If that’s the case, you can try logging in as a guest user or signing in to the device as a new user. Then try the following two fixes.

Update Chrome OS

If you’re able to sign in but the Chromebook keeps crashing now and then, quickly check for Chrome OS updates and install if any are available by following the two steps below.

Step 1: Open Chromebook’s settings either using the notification menu from the home screen or open the Settings app from the app menu.

Step 2: Then select About Chrome OS at the bottom left of the screen and click on the Check for Updates button. If there is a new OS update, Chromebook will automatically start downloading.

Factory Reset/Powerwash your Chromebook

If nothing else has worked so far (apart from uninstalling apps — see the guide below), you can powerwash your Chromebook as a last resort. Keep in mind that doing this will remove all of the user accounts connected to the Chromebook, and you’ll have to set it all up again. However, a powerwash will most likely resolve any software issues that are causing the ‘Chromebook won’t turn on’ issue.

Step 1: Open Chromebook’s settings either using the notification menu from the home screen or open the Settings app from the app menu.

Step 2: Then select Advanced, located near the bottom of the options towards the left.

Step 3: Click on Accessibility, followed by the Reset button beside the Powerwash option.

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Uninstall apps

Chromebooks can run thousands of Android apps natively that can be downloaded via the built-in Play Store. An issue with one or more apps can hinder the device’s performance and cause the ‘Chromebook won’t turn on’ issue.

If you’re able to sign in, try to uninstall any unwanted or rarely used apps from the device. You can alternatively also uninstall every app that you’ve downloaded from the Play Store and re-download them again later.

You can either uninstall apps directly from the app menu or through the Play Store.

Replace the battery

Now, if nothing else works, here’s our last stop before hitting the service centre to get your Chromebook fixed. If you’re a tech geek and can handle the hardware carefully, consider swapping your Chromebook’s battery for a new one. More than often, the Chromebook won’t turn on issue is either due to an ageing battery or an issue with the ports and charger.

If you’re not used to DIY, better leave it to the experts.

Contact customer support

If nothing else works, the manufacturer’s customer service centres are your last hope to get the Chromebook up and running. Search for a service centre of your Chromebook manufacturer on your preferred search engine and give them a visit.

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