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Clubhouse is coming to more countries on Android by May 21

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Clubhouse launched its Android app last week in USA and has now announced a wider rollout throughout this week. The app is coming to Japan, Brazil and Russia on Tuesday,, followed by India and Nigeria by Friday morning.

The audio-based social platform will also roll out to Android users throughout this week and will be available to users all over the world by Friday evening, the company announced in a Twitter post on Sunday.

According to the company, they’ll also be adding payments and club creation features in the coming months. The app will remain invite-only on Android, too, and anyone who doesn’t already have a friend on Clubhouse can join the waitlist to sign up for the app.

The Android app will run on devices with Android OS 8 and newer. Clubhouse is also currently working on adding the following features to their Android app.

  • Payments
  • Club creation or club management
  • Twitter and Instagram account linking
  • Sidebar
  • Localisation
  • In-app translations
  • Name and username update option in the app
  • Reporting recent speaker option

Over the coming months, people on the iOS waitlist can expect to be granted access to the Clubhouse app as the company expands its backend support infrastructure. They’ll also be adding support for new languages to the app alongside accessibility features.

Last month, Facebook announced that they’re working on several audio features, including an audio creation tool, podcasts, live audio rooms and Soundbites, a short form audio clip tool.

The live audio rooms in Facebook and Messenger is set to rival the popular audio chat app, Clubhouse. Facebook is expected to ship this feature worldwide in the next few months.

Twitter also launched a Clubhouse-like audio feature called Spaces in December 2020 for selected users, which was rolled out to everyone with more than 600 followers last week for Android and iOS users.

In the News: Twitter is testing a subscription plan starting at $2.99 per month



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