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NYT Connections hint: May 13

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The New York Times’ Connections has become a daily ritual for wordplay enthusiasts. Its clever format and daily resets make it a perfect way to challenge your vocabulary and thinking skills. But even the most seasoned puzzlers can get stumped sometimes.

This article discusses today’s (May 13th, 2024) hints for each category of NYT Connections, nudging you in the right direction.

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Today’s words

Tap the Shuffle button frequently to avoid falling for tricky word placements in Connections. This simple tip can help you steer clear of wrong connections and save you from wasting attempts. Today’s sixteen words are:

  • TAG
  • LINE
  • HOP
  • DUCK
  • HIDE
  • PIG
  • HARE
  • KATZ
  • MAIM

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Connections hint for today (May 13th, 2024)

Here are the hints for today to help you figure out the connections:

  • Yellow group: Think high fashion. Brands like Gucci, Prada, and Balenciaga might come to mind.
  • Green group: Imagine yourself on the playground. What activities do kids enjoy doing there?
  • Blue group: Looney Tunes characters are a good starting point, but there could be other possibilities.
  • Purple group: Think about words that sound the same but have different meanings, and how they might relate to musicals.


Connections categories for today (May 13th, 2024)

If you’re still struggling to solve the puzzle despite the hints given earlier, consider these connection categories to assist you in making connections. Keep in mind that the categories could potentially give away answers, so proceed with caution. Here are the categories:

  • Yellow category: Fashion designer’s output
  • Green category: Playground verbs
  • Blue category: Looney tunes figures
  • Purple category: Homophones of musicals


NYT Connections answers for May 13

If you’re still struggling to identify the connection, don’t fret. We’ve got you covered. Here are today’s Connection answers:

  • Green group: DODGE, HIDE, HOP, TAG
  • Blue group: BUNNY, DUCK, MARTIAN, PIG
  • Purple group: GREECE, HARE, KATZ, MAIM

With these hints in mind, you should be well on your way to completing today’s Connections puzzle. Remember, you can always rearrange the words on the board to see them from a fresh perspective.

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