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How to create a new folder with a keyboard shortcut?

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Creating a new folder using a keyboard shortcut is a quick and efficient way to organize your files without the need to navigate through multiple menus. Whether you’re organizing documents, photos, or any other files, using a keyboard shortcut can save you time and effort. leading to a more organized and accessible workspace.

This article discusses the steps to Create a New Folder with Keyboard shortcut. You can watch the video below or continue reading the article.

Steps to Create a New Folder with Keyboard shortcut

Step 1: Select the destination for your new folder and press ‘CTRL+SHIFT+N‘. You will see a new folder being created.

Step 2: You can add any files to this new folder.

the use of keyboard shortcuts to create new folders can significantly enhance your file management efficiency. This simple yet effective technique minimizes the need for manual navigation and clicking, allowing for quicker organization and better productivity. enabling you to focus more on your tasks and projects with fewer interruptions.

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Amatulla Bagasrawala

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