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Top 7 CSGO skin trading websites

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CSGO is a lot more than just the game itself. Over the years, the game has evolved into a rather active trading community owing to its huge player base and the skins that drive an entire trading market. 

In this article, we’re going over the top seven CSGO skin trading websites. 

The Steam Community Market

Technically the Steam Market is by far the best and the most secure place where you can carry out your skin trades. Sure Steam takes a cut out of each trade you make, but the security measures in place are far better than any other trading site out there. 

Top 7 CSGO skin trading websites
You can visit the CSGO Steam Community Market here

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Dmarket is also amongst the oldest and the safest sites for CSGO players to trade their skins. All you have to do is log in with your Steam account, find a skin you want to buy and bid for it or purchase it straight away. 

Top 7 CSGO skin trading websites

The site also lets you exchange several lower quality skins for a better, more expensive one. Also, if you keep a sharp eye, you might save some money on skins as the prices often fall quite a lot. 

You can visit Dmarket here


The GlobalOffensiveTrade subreddit is a dedicated place for trading CSGO skins with other players independently. The subreddit has over 211,000 members and is pretty active. 

Top 7 CSGO skin trading websites

The subreddit has a dedicated set of rules and a team of moderators who overlook transactions and ensure that the members are protected against scams. Members require a GoTrade Pass before they can start trading.  

You can visit /r/GlobalOffensiveTrade here

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As you can probably guess by the name, Skinbaron is a German CSGO skin trading website that offers a bunch of rare skins and claims instant payouts. While the skins here are generally cheaper than the Steam Community Market, they cost more than they do on DMarket. 

Top 7 CSGO skin trading websites

The only problem here is that the site isn’t exactly super credible, and there have been reports of users being scammed or charged a lot more for an otherwise cheap skin. 

You can visit here


CSGO-Skins is another rather popular trading site that claims to have paid out $3,338,913.62 in skin value, over 14,903,129 opened cases and a community of 2,897,128 players.

Top 7 CSGO skin trading websites

The trading system is simple and easy to get started. Prices are also reasonable, much cheaper than the steam community market anyway. 

You can visit CSGO-Skins here

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Farsmkins is mostly a case opening site that offers great deals on skins that would otherwise cost you a fortune on the Steam Community Market. The site boasts more than 75 million opened cases so far. 

Top 7 CSGO skin trading websites

There are a bunch of giveaways and a daily bonus as well. If you’re consistent, you can basically poach skins off for free from this site. 

You can visit Farmskins here


Tradeit is one of the most popular skin trading sites for CSGO and DOTA 2, Rust, TF2 and several other valve games. The site has amassed a total of $33,578,000+ in terms of trade values and has 2,544,331 users.

Top 7 CSGO skin trading websites

They also claim to have the lowest trading fee of any CSGO trading site out there and the best customer support.

You can visit Tradeit here

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