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What does CTFU mean? How to use it and when to not?

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With the increasing use of the world wide web, internet slangs have also been on the rise. One of the most popular slangs on the internet is CTFU, and here we’re going to discuss everything there is to know about CTFU.

CTFU is slang used as an expression to depict an action of extreme laughter or uncontrollable laughter.

CTFU stands for Cracking The F*** Up. The usage of the F word in the acronym is widespread among the youth, who are a significant majority of internet users in most countries worldwide.

How to use CTFU while texting or over the internet?

CTFU can be expressed primarily in the following two ways.

Expression of sudden outburst or cracking up of laughter

When a person is texting or using the internet and sees something that makes them experience a sudden outburst of laughter, one can use CTFU when communicating with someone else.

Expression of elaborating upon the intensity of your laughter

When a person uses the internet and wants to explain the level or intensity of their laughter, then CTFU can be used.

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How to avoid using CTFU?

While CTFU is mostly fun and games, it can be offensive to some people and is also not a formal gesture. Here are three scenarios where you should avoid using CTFU.

Deliberately to be offensive to someone

This expression can come out as offensive or vulgar to someone who is not friendly with cursing. So, it’s a good idea to avoid it when you know the other person doesn’t like profanity and can get offended by the cursing or inappropriateness of the slang.

Formal setting

You should also avoid using this slang when communicating in a formal or professional setup to adhere to the ethics and maintain a calm and formal environment.

A stranger on the internet

Expanding on our first scenario here, every person over the internet is not friendly with cursing or internet slangs. So, be careful around people you don’t know; maybe they’re not friendly or in touch with the new slangs, especially ones that involve curse words, to avoid any conflicts or misunderstanding.

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Ishika Aggarwal

Ishika Aggarwal