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2 new ways Google Datally helps you save mobile data

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Unless you’re living in India recharging with ‘unlimited data’ plans — or in a place with similar cheap data options — Google’s latest features added to Datally might even make the app better in helping tackle your data worries.

Datally, an app by Google, that claims to help save up to 30% of mobile data as it can help you control data usage per app, track data usage in real time, set daily data limits and more.

Two new features have been introduced to Datally that are aimed at helping users save data for emergencies as well as protect themselves from app leaking data in the background when you’re asleep.

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Emergency bank

2 new ways Google Datally helps you save mobile data

With Emergency bank, users can save some of their data for use during an emergency, like sending an important email at work or booking a cab home.

Users can enter their total data balance and how much data they’ll like to save. Once the data limit is reached, Datally automatically cuts off data access to all of the apps.

Bedtime mode

Even when you’re asleep, your device might be running some apps in the background. These applications can often drain data all the night while the device is on standby.

With Bedtime mode, you can turn off all of your phone’s data usage at the time you specify during night. This means that no app has access to any data, which they might drain.

Both the features  — Emergency bank and Bedtime mode — will be available to users of the app starting today.

In addition, Datally also has a WiFi finder feature, which helps you find available WiFi networks around you alongwith details like distance. These WiFi networks can be rated by you and you can also see ratings of the WiFi given by other Datally users.

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