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How to delete Cred account?

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When it comes to paying credit card bills, there is nothing that comes close to Cred. Be it auto repayments or reward points, Cred has revolutionised the way people pay their credit card bills.

That said, using a third party to pay your credit card bills increases the risk as you share critical personal information with any organisation other than your bank. Not only this, using a payment gateway to make payments could cause discrepancies as payments could get stuck in the payment gateway. 

Although Cred offers a lot of security by using 256-bit encryption and complies with the PCI DSS standard, every organisation can be hacked, and being at the receiving end of such an attack can be catastrophic. 

So if you think that the cons of using Cred outweigh the perks, you can delete your Cred account. 

Before deleting your account on Cred, it is important to know that an account cannot be deleted if there are outstanding disputes or unresolved claims on your account or card. 

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How to deleting Cred account?

To delete your Cred account, you have to contact Cred’s customer services because there is no way to delete an account using the app. To delete your account open the app on your device and follow the steps given below.

How to delete Cred account? | Candid.Technology
  • Click on cards to see all your credit cards on the app.
  • Select the manage tab on the top right corner. 
  • Click on talk to us
How to delete Cred account? | Candid.Technology
  • Click on other issues in the support section
  • Click on Other Account Issues
  • Click on Delete account or card
  • Click on Delete account to start communicating with Cred’s customer care executives

Once you have completed the steps given above and given an acknowledgement to delete your account, your Cred account will be deleted.

If you delete your Cred account you will not be able to access any data which was associated with the account. That said, you can create a new account on Cred if you want to use its services again.

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How to deactivate your Cred account?

If you think you want to stop using Cred services temporarily, you can deactivate your account rather than deleting it. This will preserve all the data Cred has stored about you, and you can reactivate the account whenever you please.

To deactivate your account, you have to follow the steps mentioned above in the guide to delete Cred account. However, instead of asking the customer care executive to delete your account, you’d have to request them to deactivate your account.

How to reactivate your Cred account?

If you have a deactivated Cred account, you can reactivate it by sending an email to You can put in a similar request for deactivating or deleting Cred account, albeit with a modified subject line.

Here is a template that you can use to reactivate your account


Subject: Request to reactivate my Cred account

Email Body:


I hereby request to reactivate my Cred account. Here are my account credentials

Email: <Your email ID linked to Cred >

Mobile number: <Your mobile number linked to Cred>

Deactivation date:

Thank you.

<Your Name>

In addition to this, you can reactivate your account by opening the Cred app on your device and clicking on the support option. This will redirect you to a chat where you can request reactivation.

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