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How to create a project in Dev C++?

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Created by Bloodshed programming, Dev-C++ is a free IDE for programming in C/C++. With Dev-C++, you can compose Windows or control centre based C/C++ programs effectively; you can even make an installer for your application. It works only with Windows 7, 8 and 10.

In this article, we will see the steps involved in creating a project in Dev C++.

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How to create a new Project in Dev C++?

A project includes a set of files put together to implement and run codes, generally written to solve a problem statement. A project does the work of binging different code files that are interdependent to implement that specific statement.

After the installation process is complete for the Dev C++ application, when the application is opened, it is a blank screen with the options of File, Edit, Project and others on the top, while the options Debug, Compiler, Compiler log, Resources and others are available.

Step 1: Click on the File option in the top left corner.

How to create a project in Dev C++?

Step 2: Under the File tab, select the New option. There are two possible new creations that can be made — Source file or Project.

How to create a project in Dev C++?

A Source file is a single C/C++ file that gets created and cannot be integrated as easily with other files to implement a bigger problem, while a Project holds multiple source files, making integration easier.

Step 3: Click on Project. A small window will open.

Step 4: Select the appropriate options and name the project. Selecting an option under the Basic tab is necessary, while for the others, it’s optional.

Also, select whether you want to run your program in C or C++.

How to create a project in Dev C++?

Step 5: Once you click on OK, the Save as window should open if your path isn’t already pre-determined. Choose the file location and save the project.

How to create a project in Dev C++?

Once the project is created, it will open with a main.cpp file. You can add other files to this project using the icons and shortcuts available. You can also open pre-written source codes within the project if needed.

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How to open a project in Dev C++?

To open a project, go to the project location on your device. A project can also be opened via the application itself.

Step 1: Click on File and select the Open option.

How to create a project in Dev C++?

Step 2: Select the project name and click on Open.

How to create a project in Dev C++?

The saved project will open.

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