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DI is not available for this package: Explained

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If you are planning on either going on a small vacation or out for a chore, the anticipation of an expected delivery might keep you from going. Usually, when we order something online or someone posts a package to our address, the order can be tracked and received on time. However, sometimes the delivery person might show up early or late and this uncertainty keeps you from leaving the provided address.

In this article, we will decode what ‘DI is not available for this package’ refers to as well as figure out what you can do to avoid this uncertainty.

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Type of package

The requirement of a signature for the acceptance of a package depends on the price of the package. The signature confirmation method allows a responsible person to accept the package, be it their own or on behalf of someone else. You can usually sign into your FedEx, US Postal Service, or UPS account to alter the delivery instructions.

You can try signing for the package online to provide the required signature in advance if you have to go somewhere. However, if you are unable to see the sign option anywhere, it is probably because your package either does not require a signature (it costs less than $500) or it can only be signed in person. What you can do instead, is change the format of delivery. You can ask for your package to be left at the front door or at a neighbour’s place so they can sign.

Phrase decoded

Now, DI stands for ‘Delivery Instructions’, if you are unable to give or view any delivery instructions for your package, it means that no signature is required to receive your package. This means, that you do not require to wait at the provided address for your package to be delivered. The UPS, FedEx, or USPS delivery person will probably leave your package at your doorstep.

If you find the phrase ‘DI is not available for this package’ then you can go ahead and set basic delivery instructions at the delivery partner’s website. At times, the delivery person might not bring the package to your doorstep so you will have to collect it from their office as the value of the package might be less than $500.

Thus packages that cost more are required to be signed in person. If the product ordered by you costs less then you may not even be able to give or add delivery instructions for your package.

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