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How long does Chewy take to ship?

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If you’re looking to pick up just about any accessory or food item for your pet, there’s probably a go-to service you need. Despite operating exclusively online, Chewy is one of the largest retailers in this segment thanks to its competitive shipping times. 

In this article, we’re taking a look at how long Chewy take to ship to any particular location you want. 

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What are Chewy shipping times?

Depending on your location, Chewy will take one to three days to ship your product in 2023.

Do keep in mind that this is only for regular orders. Medicine orders for Chewy require 24 to 48 hours for the prescriptions to be processed, meaning the shipping gets delayed to five to seven days. These are also business days, so if you’re placing your order on the weekend, you can expect another day or two of delays. 

Why does Chewy take longer to ship medicine?

Chewy takes longer to ship medicines as they need to contact your vet to verify whether or not your prescription is legitimate. This takes anywhere between 24 to 48 hours and if you’ve placed your order on the weekend, this can be pushed further or if your vet is closed, the prescription verification can take even more time. Once the prescription is verified, however, delivery proceeds as usual and will reach you within three days of the shipping date. 

Chewy also doesn’t ship internationally or to contiguous US states, meaning if you’re in Alaska, Hawaii or Puerto Rico or any other country internationally, you can’t order from Chewy and expect your shipments to arrive. 

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