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How to quote on Discord?

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Discord is one of the most popular VoIP programs that have come out in recent years. The program was initially meant to be a chat application for gamers but since then has evolved into becoming a much more feature-packed communications platform. 

Now since its expansion, Discord has added numerous features to make conversation easier for its users. These features include replying to specific messages in a group chat and starting threads, among others. Users can also apply formatting to their messages.

In this article, we’re taking a look at how to send quoted messages on Discord.

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Quoting on Discord

Sending quoted messages on Discord works slightly differently on the PC and the phone apps in the sense that it’s somewhat easier on the PC. 

Quoting on Discord PC

If you want to send a quoted message on the Discord PC (or web) app, type in ‘>’ and continue typing your message. You’ll notice as soon as you hit the spacebar after typing the character, it’ll transform into a quote. 

How to quote on Discord?

If you’re looking to write multi-line quotes, you can use the ‘>>>’ character. However, since Discord on PC treats > and >>> the same way, it’s not a necessity. You can write multi-line quotes using > just fine. 

To move onto the next line, press Shift+Enter as pressing Enter will send the message. To end the quote and start typing normally in the same message, press Shift+Enter to move onto the next line and press Backspace to remove the quote character.

Quoting on Discord’s smartphone apps

This is where the difference between quote characters comes in handy. For single-line quotes, you’ll be using > while multi-line quotes will be written with the help of the >>> character.

For multi-line quotes, you can type in the character and keep typing your message as usual if you wish to end the quote, move onto the next line and then use the backspace to remove the quote character.

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