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How to display internet speed on Android?

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Internet is an essential part of our lives as with widespread availability of finer speeds with 4G and much-anticipated 5G tech, we all have become accustomed to high-speed data connections. So, it becomes annoying if the internet speeds drop suddenly. The reduced internet speed can occur because of various reasons, and it is difficult to figure out what went wrong. The server can be down, and there can be an issue of power supply, some hardware or software glitch, among other possibilities.

Before searching for any hardware issues or calling your internet provider, it will be a good thing to check if your phone hasn’t any problems. To keep a check on the internet speed, you can install internet speed monitoring apps from PlayStore. Here is a list of apps that can help you.

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Internet Speed Meter

How to display internet speed on Android? Top 5 appsOne of the best apps to monitor internet speed, this app is available on the PlayStore. Once you install this app, it shows the download and upload speed in the status bar of the phone. There are various customisation options such as showing bits or bytes as the unit, widget position, and other things. You can also keep track of the time limit of your daily or monthly data usage. It is a paid app and costs INR 75.

There’s also a free version of the app, the Internet Speed Meter Lite, which has limited capabilities. The lite version can provide real-time speed update in the notification bar. It also tracks daily data and WiFi usage. It monitors traffic data for 30 days and offers separate stats for mobile and WiFi network.

You can find the Internet Speed Meter app here.

Live Internet Speed Monitor

How to display internet speed on Android? Top 5 appsThis app shows your internet speed no matter what you are doing or which app you are using. It provides a flexible status bar that you can anywhere on the screen as per personal liking. You can also change the size of text, background colour of the status bar.

You can find Live Internet Speed Monitor here.

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Floating Network Monitor

How to display internet speed on Android? Top 5 appsWith a size of just 352 KB, this is the smallest app in the list but does its job perfectly fine. It provides the network speed on the screen which you can place anywhere on the screen. It shows the speed in a floating dialogue box that is customisable. This app is also lite on the battery and doesn’t drain it much.

You can find Floating Network Monitor here.

Network Monitor Mini

How to display internet speed on Android? Top 5 appsThis app shows you the download and the upload speed of the network in the format you prefer KBs or MBs. You can also change the text size, transparency of the status bar and other things.

You can find Network Monitor Mini here.

Netspeed Indicator: Internet Speed Meter

How to display internet speed on Android? Top 5 appsNetspeed indicator allows you to enable or disable the network speed status bar quickly. This app also provides the statistical representation of Internet usage, protecting you from paying extra internet charges.

You can find the Netspeed Indicator here.

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