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Top 11 Android apps for college students

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Right from cooking to keeping notes organised and keeping track of fuel consumption, one has to do plenty of things in college. All these things look easy, but handling them becomes time-consuming and tiring. To deal with these kinds of situation, you can take help of your smartphone and certain apps. Here is a list of the top 11 apps that are a must for every college student.

Office Lens

Top 11 Android apps that every college student must check outOffice Lens is an app by Microsoft that captures pictures of documents, white/blackboards, receipts and converts them into editable texts. You can also save the images you capture as PDF, Word document, or PowerPoint files.

Office Lens is just like a pocket scanner. You can also do multiple scans using the bulk mode. It can even recognise handwritten and printed texts using the OCR technique. It is available on Play Store for free.

You can find Office Lens here.


Top 11 Android apps that every college student must check out

Simplemind is an app that can be very helpful for tackling all the projects you have in your college life. It helps you map out how to execute projects visually, collect ideas that cross through the mind.

You can use an auto-layout or make a new one as per personal requirements. It allows you to add notes to the maps, expand branches in the map, has unlimited page size and several elements on a single map. The app also allows multiple mind maps on the same page. While the app is free, it also has a Pro version that gives you additional features like auto layouts, printing, and many more. The Pro version costs INR 650/ $4.99

You can find Simplemind here.

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Top 11 Android apps that every college student must check outFinding a math problem difficult or need help in some math homework? Mathway is the app that will help you in solving your math problems. All you need to do is to type the question or take a picture. The app will directly provide you with the answer. Mathway covers all levels of math from Basic Math and Pre-algebra to complex Calculus, Statistics problems. If you need the detailed step-by-step solution, then you will need to purchase the premium version of the app which costs around $9.99/ month or $39.99/year.

You can find Mathway here.


Top 11 Android apps that every college student must check outWith smartphones becoming an addiction, this app will help you get rid of your smartphone addiction and will help you focus on studies more than on social media and other stuff. This app blocks all the notifications for some time and helps you to be productive.

Every time you start this app, it plants a seed, and that seed develops into a tree within the time frame this app blocks notifications. If you pick your phone up before the time goes up, the tree withers. It provides an exciting and interactive way to reduce phone usage and reduce distractions. The app is free of cost but has some in-app purchases, which brings premium features such as tracking daily usage, competing with friends and much more.

You can find Forest here.

Google Keep

Top 11 Android apps that every college student must check outGoogle Keep allows you to make notes, lists, and set reminders in the way you want them. You can add photos and drawings to your notes or even draw on your photos. You can also dictate your notes to the app, and it will transcribe them.

Google Keep can also group notes with the help of labels. Notes are automatically synced over all devices in which you have your Google account logged in. You can also take notes by calling the Google assistant, by saying “Ok Google, take a note”.

You can find Google Keep here.

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Top 11 Android apps that every college student must check outDoing a college project or handling a college event is a big task. To help you manage all this work, you can use Trello that will help you by allowing you to make to-do lists and sharing them with your peers. You can customise Trello to any extent and can find the right way to fit it according to you. Trello works offline, which makes it much more useful as it you can add information to your boards anytime anywhere. It is free of cost.

You can find Trello here.

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MS Office

5 Microsoft Office alternatives to boost your productivityMS Office needs no introduction. With the release of the Android version, you can manage all your files on your smartphone and edit them on the go if you want. Store the files on the cloud and access them anywhere. You can easily sync data over computer and phone. MS Office is a paid product but is free for students.

You can find MS Office here.


Top 11 Android apps that every college student must check outManaging expenses in college life is hard. You can use apps to help you with this problem. Fuelio is a fuel log app that keeps track of your vehicle’s expenses. It offers backup support on your Google Drive and provides you with a simple interface that shows your vehicle’s fuel and maintenance expense in a basic timeline. It also supports logging multiple vehicles. Fuelio is free of cost.

You can find Fuelio here.

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Top 11 Android apps that every college student must check outLiving out of home, the one thing every college student misses is home-cooked food. Getting good food is a struggle every one of us has to go through. To help with food struggles, you can use FitMenCook to get food recipes of every category including keto, vegan. This app provides easy, healthy, practical recipes that anyone can cook. There are step-by-step video instructions on how to make a dish. This app is available free of cost on Play Store.

You can find FitMenCook here.

30-Day Fitness Challenge

Top 11 Android apps that every college student must check outStaying fit in college is very important not only because of aesthetics but also to keep your health in check. This app will help you remain fit by planning out a workout schedule for you that you can perform in your hostel room.

This app can sync with Google Fit and provide you with results for your training and workouts. Every challenge in the app has three levels, from beginner to pro, and you can choose the one that fits you the best. Tho the app is free, but there are in-app purchases to unlock some additional features.

You can find the 30-Day Fitness Challenge here.


Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Tinder aiding human traffickers: StudyIf you’re in college and aren’t on any one of these dating apps, it either means you’ve got a brilliant social life in the real world, or you’re doing something wrong. All of these apps are popular among college students for finding someone they can talk to and bond with. College should be fun, and we hope you’re making it so.

You can find Tinder here, Bumble here, Hinge here and OkCupid here.

Let us and other readers know if you’ve any other app suggestions that can be useful in college in the comments down below. Also, let us know which one is your favourite.

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