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Do alarms go off on FaceTime?

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Alarms have been around for decades and are one of the essential parts of our daily routine, especially if you’ve trouble getting up by yourself or keeping track of time. Alarm clocks, like almost every other basic utility tool like stopwatches, timers or even calculators, have become digital. Chances are, alarms for the next day are one of the first things you check when putting your phone down for the night.

We’ve already answered whether or not alarms go off when your phone is set to the Do Not Disturb mode, and here we’ve discussed if these alarms go off when you’re on a Facetime call.

To put it clearly and simply: Yes, your alarm will go off even during a Facetime call.

As long as your iPhone is switched on and the alarm is active, the alarm will go off regardless of whether you’re actively on a Facetime call or not and whether or not you’re asleep on the call.

Alarms on iPhone will even go off when the phone is set to a silent profile or toggled to silent using the hardware button in older iPhone models.

The two primary things you need to take care of when setting the alarm are your device’s volume, which will determine the volume of the alarm tone, and the ringtone you set up for the alarm.

Alarms also go off when you’re on a standard phone call on your iPhone, and is definitely audible within the call given that the alarm’s tone is set to a high volume.

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CT Editorial Team

CT Editorial Team