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There may be days when you submit a form or upload your answer sheet on a Google Doc link on your Google Classroom, and it does not connect. Google Document allows you to share, collaborate, and edit documents online and in spreadsheets. Google does its best to otherwise to regulate everything smoothly.

Here we’ve explained why Google Docs cannot connect.

Reasons for error in connecting

Google Docs and Sheets allow people to affiliate and work with each other on projects. They have been equipped with various features. However, they do not contain everything. To tackle this, Google allows ‘Ad-On’ features for their Documents and Sheets. These Ad-Ons are created by third-party companies which provide new tools and features previously missing on either Google Docs or Sheets. refused to connect only appears when you have been trying install an add-on. refused to connect: 6 Fixes

This is also why Google Drive may refuse to connect sometimes. Thus, it is not an issue with Google Classroom, so your system administrator cannot do anything. This error usually shows up when you are logged into multiple Google accounts simultaneously on your web browser. Due to this, your add-ons may not work.

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Solutions for this error

You can try the various steps given below to see if you can use Google Docs, Sheets, or Drive successfully:

Log out of your multiple Google accounts

Stick to the account through which you are trying to use Google Docs. If you need to update a certain document or upload a file through a particular profile, you may need to log out of your other Google accounts. This will help you use the Google Doc or any add-on feature you previously could not use.

Open the window in a new incognito tab

If you want to open an add-on or use Google Docs without hiccups, log into the Google account of your choice in an incognito window. The Incognito tab does not collect any data cookies and clears your browsing history, giving you a clean slate.

Clear your browser cache

Clearing your browser’s cache helps remove all the history and cookies collected from various websites. You can also delete coolies collected specifically from a site.

Log out from your Google account

Log out and log back into your account if you do not have multiple Google accounts. This can help clear out any spare cache.

Updating your browser

Check if you use the most current and updated version of Google Chrome or any other browser. If not, then update it and try again.

By removing add-ons

Follow the steps below if you want to remove an installed add-on completely. Open a Google Doc, Slides, or Sheets, as all of the installed Add-ons, will be displayed anywhere you can use them:

Step 1: In the Menu bar on the top of the Google Doc, click on the option for Extensions. Click on Manage add-ons. refused to connect: 6 Fixes

Step 2: It will take you to a pop-up for Manage Apps, where all of your installed add-ons will be visible. you can click on the three vertical buttons on the top right corner of any add-on and select Uninstall from the presented options. refused to connect: 6 Fixes

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