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Does Bluetooth work without WiFi?

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Bluetooth and WiFi are wireless in nature and both of them connect to devices. That is where their similarity ends. While Bluetooth is used to connect to devices at a closer range, a WiFi signal can have a farther coverage. Hence, while one may seek to link the two in a way or get confused, the two tools cannot be more different.

In this article, we will figure out if Bluetooth is capable of working without a WiFi signal as well as some other frequently asked questions.

Bluetooth’s individuality

When you are using a Bluetooth device to video call or directly call someone using WiFi or a social media app, then one requires the assistance of WiFi. However, if one wants to listen to downloaded music or watch videos, then one does not require a WiFi connection. One can use Bluetooth-paired earphones, speakers, or headphones to listen to any downloaded content without a WiFi connection.

Yes, Bluetooth can be used without WiFi.

The main uses of Bluetooth includes connecting to close portable electronic devices which includes mobile phones, headphones, or laptops. You can even send a file at a close range since the maximum range of Bluetooth is 10 metres or 33 ft.

Bluetooth signals operate on Ultra High Frequency radio waves in the ISM radio bands (2.402 GHz to 2.480 GHz) which are a part of the radio spectrum that serve industrial, scientific, and medical purposes. This wireless signal can replace wires for short distance ranges.

Even on an aircraft, when you are on airplane mode, Bluetooth can be used without WiFi and mobile data as long as you have some downloaded content in advance to view when you are flying.

WiFi’s influence

WiFi is related to the family of local area networking or more specifically, the IEEE 802.11 standards. WiFi allows sharing of content and downloading files, regardless of size using the internet. It sends radio waves to nearby devices which are linked together and connected to a wireless router which connects them to the internet.

The WiFi operated on Super High-Frequency radio bands (2.4 GHz and 5 GHz channels used) and such channels can be split up between all the nearby networks. Physical obstructions like walls, levels, and pillars can reduce the range of its wireless signal. WiFi works best when the connected device is directly in the nearby vicinity or view.

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Bluetooth vs. WiFi: FAQs

Some more doubts regarding Bluetooth and its connection to WiFI have been answered below:

Can WiFi be used without Bluetooth?

Yes, both WiFi and Bluetooth can be used independent of each other, unless you are watching or listening to content online, which requires an internet connection and on a device which is connected to your earphones by Bluetooth. In this scenario, the two features work together. One relies on both to make their work or projects finish faster, as both are portable wireless technologies, fast in speed and easy to carry around.

Are WiFi and Bluetooth similar?

WiFi and Bluetooth cooperate together in their usage. In WiFi, all traffic comes through the access point and multiple connections can be sustained at a time. In Bluetooth, only two devices are connected to each other. Furthermore, Bluetooth is used for straightforward and uncomplicated applications where you can connect to another device by pressing a button.

Which one eats more data and battery life: WiFi or Bluetooth?

As Bluetooth is not dependent on internet connectivity, it barely eats into your data or has a drastic effect on your battery life (with the exception of the battery life of your Bluetooth device whose battery drains according to usage). Now, WiFi does not use data as much as mobile data, which it can switch to in case your device loses the WiFi signal.

As for the battery of your device, when you are connected to WiFi, various updates and backups are taking place in the background of your device which might drain the battery slightly. You can choose to pause these updates and backups through the settings of either the app or your device.

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